Why you should never skip leg day

Let us take a guess – you can’t wait to hit the gym on a chest or biceps day. But when it comes to legs, you are not that enthusiastic. If you can relate to this, you aren’t alone. Trust us, you are not. Many gym-goers have strong upper body workout routines, with little or no focus on legs.

People skip leg workouts primarily because of the discomfort involved. Another contributing factor is simply the belief that legs wouldn’t be noticed so why bother working them out.

However, it is not a good idea to skip your leg training sessions and here are some top reasons why;

  • Legs are a very important part of the human body; including leg exercises in your workout routine will improve your movements, balance, stability, and overall leg function.
  • Training large muscles like quadriceps and hamstrings improves metabolism and burns fat faster. Exercises like squats and leg presses in gym workouts feature compound movements, which strengthen your core muscles.
  • Leg exercises in sports training help athletes build bigger, stronger and faster legs, and facilitate long-term durability, keeping muscular cramps and other injuries at bay.
  • And for all those who believe legs have no aesthetic appeal, small legs coupled with a bulky upper body will give your physique a very strange appearance!
  • Leg exercises such as dumbbell lunges, barbell squats and leg presses lead to an increase in the production of male hormone testosterone and thus, muscle mass, making them a great choice for weight training.

Though it is tough to master their technique, leg exercises are essential for physical fitness and shouldn’t be avoided. So, the next time you think of skipping a leg day, think twice as it might the difference between a perfectly balanced physique and an unbalanced one.




Image courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos.net (Marin)

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