Seema Goel

19 Years
Master’s in Food & Nutrition, Lady Irwin College


Seema has worked with PGI Chandigarh and has counselled 10,000+ diabetic patients. She is also a regular columnist in with Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Times Of India, Chandigarh and Jaipur edition.

Lower Your Blood
Sugar Levels Naturally

Don’t worry about reducing your HbA1C & blood sugar levels.
Go Natural with Breathe Well-being

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Breathe Well-being offers you a clinically-proven program that
helps you lower your glucose levels naturally.
No substitute, No Products, Just a Little Modification in your Lifestyle! .

Reverse your
diabetes & get off medication

Participants reduced dependency on medications
Average HbA1c reduction among 90% participants
Participants showed reduction in HbA1c levels
5.5 kg
Average weight loss after 16 weeks program

Do You Know Who’s At the
Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

With the customized health plan, Breathe Well-being identifies the
root cause of your type 2 diabetes and addresses it in the best way possible.
Learn about the following root causes of type 2 diabetes, which risk factor are you at?

Sedentary Lifestyle
Unhealthy Eating Habits
Gender, Age, Ethnicity
Hereditary/ Genetic
Stress & Hypertension

How to Control Sugar at Home
Naturally without Medicines

Remember Type 2 Diabetes or Pre Diabetes is an outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle.
At Breathe Well-being, we provide you with experts’ guidance
to naturally reduce blood sugar levels, HbA1C, and weight and sustain
it without any medications.

Physical Activity/ Workout
Healthy Diet
Limited Carbs
More Fiber
Eat Healthy Fats
Weight Management
Quality Sleep
Constant Monitoring of Sugar Levels
Diabetes Education/ Awareness

Success Stories of People Who Lowered
Blood Glucose Levels Naturally

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10 Ways to Lower
Your Blood Sugar Level Naturally

Breathe Well-being is one of the most effective and well-received online diabetes
reversal programs to lower your sugar levels naturally.
Our approach is to reverse type 2 diabetes using natural methods

1.Reduce Sugar Intake

Say No to Sugar! Avoid sugar as much as possible in your diet. Use naturally sweetened food products that do not raise your blood sugar levels.

2.Exercise More

Move a Little! By incorporating physical activities into one's daily routine, diabetes can be avoided. Include walking, jogging, weightlifting, aerobics, yoga, and other activities in your lifestyle as you see fit.

3.Eat Low Carb Food

Bye to Crabs! ,More carbs more glucose so try to reduce carb intake as it breaks into glucose and increases sugar levels. Infusing low-carb diets can help you lower sugar levels naturally.

4.Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber Kicks Out the Sugar! Fiber slows the absorption of sugar, cholesterol, and dietary fats in the body & controls blood sugar levels. Add fiber-rich foods like legumes, fruits, cruciferous vegetables, lentils, whole grains, beans, etc. to your diet.

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1. Root Cause Analysis
2. Detailed Diabetes Profiling

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5.Eat Healthy Fats

Not All Fats are Bad! Unsaturated fats do not raise blood sugar levels. These fats promote HDL good cholesterol in the body and manage sugar levels.

6.A Good Sleep is Must

A Good Sleep is the Ace Card! Sleep helps in the proper functioning of the body, which reduces the risk of sugar spikes, so get plenty of rest.

7.Stress Management

Don’t Stress, Live Healthy! It is important to practice stress-management techniques because stress can raise blood sugar levels.

8.Weight Reduction

Lose Weight, Not Health! Obesity is one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes so shed some extra pounds. A systematic weight loss program can help reduce the risk of diabetes.

Reverse your
diabetes & get off medication

Book a Free Session
Participants reduced dependency on medications
Average HbA1c reduction among 90% participants
Participants showed reduction in HbA1c levels
5.5 kg
Average weight loss after 16 weeks program

9.Increase Water Intake

Stay Hydrated! Drink more water to naturally control diabetes. Water is preferred over juices and other sweetened and preservative-laden mixed drinks.

10.Regular Monitoring

Check Your Progress! It’s important to keep a tab of your sugar levels to lower glucose levels naturally. A perfect health plan also needs to be modified with time.

Sometimes Being Sweet is not Good!

Diabetes covers a spectrum of diseases that impacts several organs. It can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, feet problems, oral health problems, hearing loss, vision loss, mental health problems, etc. So wake up before it gets too late and reduce aggravating sugar levels.

To Avoid Complications

With Breathe Well-being, you can lower the risk of diabetes complications. By reducing your sugar levels at home, you can add more healthy years to your life span.

For Long-Term Benefits

Natural methods have a more lasting effect on the body than any localized treatment. It not only controls your diabetes but also helps you reverse it.

No Medicine Dependency

At Breathe Well-being, we strive to reduce medical dependency through a personalized health plan. Why rely on medications when diet and exercise can do wonders?


We are not fans of spoon-feeding. Breathe will educate you through hundreds of educational videos, webinars, personal coaching, and regular consultations, allowing you to become self-sufficient. You need to get to know your body better.

No Side-Effects

We love “Natural”. At Breathe, we focus on diabetes-friendly diets and exercise that has no negative side effects. To avoid complications, it is critical to go "Natural."

No Medical Expenses

Do you know that medical costs are 2X higher for those with diabetes? You can save money on medical bills and live a healthier life by naturally lowering your blood sugar levels.

Talk To a Senior Diabetes Expert
1. Root Cause Analysis
2. Detailed Diabetes Profiling

Common Complications with
Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, if not treated early, can have
long-term complications that affect various organs.
Diabetes management can help to prevent or postpone these complications.

Heart Disease/ Stroke
Diabetic Foot
Hearing Impairment
Sleep Apnea
Slow Healing
Dementia/ Alzheimer’s

We can help you control your
diabetes naturally

With their impeccable knowledge and expertise,
over 100 world-class experts assist you in naturally controlling your diabetes.
Our effective strategy is based on:

Root cause Analysis
Detailed Diabetes Profiling
1 to 1 Consultation with Diabetes Expert


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