Seema Goel

19 Years
Master’s in Food & Nutrition, Lady Irwin College


Seema has worked with PGI Chandigarh and has counselled 10,000+ diabetic patients. She is also a regular columnist in with Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Times Of India, Chandigarh and Jaipur edition.
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Our Culture

Our culture revolves around the Maori culture
We are inspired by the top sports teams in the world like - All Blacks, UCLA basketball team & Chicago bulls.
It’s an organization where you learn, work, grow and build together.

Glimpses of Life at Breathe Well-being

Our Values


Work like an Extended Family

Breathe, a team of professional players born from one close extended family, is laying the ground to work upon one common goal. We are shaping ONE dream with multiple chisels.


Build a Legacy together.

Setting benchmarks for the new members who would join us in the future is our vision to create our legacy. Inspiring each other, pushing our boundaries and achieving new milestones keep us going strong. We believe in laying the foundation for a better tomorrow.


Challenge Your Limits & Balance Workflow

To succeed, we need to go above and beyond our limits and balance multiple things at a time. The more responsibility you’ll have, the more learning doors you’ll open. We believe success is not a one way effort but a multidimensional effort to achieve one goal.


Be Fast, Be Dynamic, Be a Learner

At Breathe, we focus on a fast-paced and dynamic approach towards the goal. The faster you’ll move, the more you can save your success secrets. Remember, slow can be copied. Being noticed is an achievement but it also needs to be protected. We seek a steep learning curve that radiates your swift learning within the organization.


Keep Your Eyes On The Stars and Feets On The Ground!

At the end of the day after all our achievements; we stay humble & keep learning from each other as we move towards the next goal.

Care More Now

Our Teammates and Clients deserve more care Today than Yesterday!

What our team members are saying

We believe a happy team is a productive team. Listen to some amazing people making our mission a success

4.5 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor Ratings

It's been a great opportunity for me to join Breathe Well-being as a fresher, and it's been a truly enriching experience. It feels great to be a part of something bigger. I've not only learned a lot about my domain, but there has also been a lot of cross-functional learning that has helped in overall growth in my career.


Breathe Well-being has helped me grow in many ways, including knowledge, profile, mental health, and peace of mind. Coaching academy sessions have aided me in experiencing total personal and professional growth during my one-year journey. Everything has shaped me into a better employee and resource, whether it's working with new patients, obtaining a promotion, or witnessing my team leading towards the goal.


As a skilled sales and operations leader, I have over 2 years of experience developing high-performing sales teams and helping Breathe Well-being achieve business success. My ability to identify and implement data-driven strategies and build genuine relationships lead to greater customer satisfaction. In addition to this, I’ve been Leading the word of mouth (Referral) channel and creating scalable business systems to drive revenue and facilitate customer growth. As a resource, it feels satisfying to see positive results of my efforts.

Siddharth Malik
Founder's office

BWB gives you end-to-end ownership to lead and drive workstreams. This is an organization of talented/smart people who all have a common vision of 1 Mn diabetes reversal by 2025. On-point hiring process, hard-working and brilliant people across different layers within the organization and inspirational leadership creates Breathe Well-being a growth-oriented space for everyone.

Alka Bharti

In my 7 years of professional experience, I've worked for various organizations, but being a part of Breathe Well-being is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here well-designed online training and coaching academy sessions and guidance from a multi-talented mentor like Seema Goel ma'am are invaluable and inspiring. I am able to perceive diabetes from a fresh perspective. One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Breathe Well-being is being able to improve the lives of many Diabetic individuals.

Perks & Benefits

Health and happiness of our employees is central to our mission. Great benefits are part of package


Performance Bonus with fast Track Growth

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance - with Spouse, Children and Parents

Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness Programs

Travel Allowance

To secure our employees if they are working for late hours.

Office Facilities

Perks involve having board games at work, Breakout Space etc.

Maternity Leaves

Paid Leaves for New Mothers

Open Positions

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