Seema Goel

19 Years
Master’s in Food & Nutrition, Lady Irwin College


Seema has worked with PGI Chandigarh and has counselled 10,000+ diabetic patients. She is also a regular columnist in with Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Times Of India, Chandigarh and Jaipur edition.

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Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes reversal means fixing the main issue and root cause of type 2 diabetes that is – Insulin Resistance. Whether you're in the Pre-Diabetic stage or dealing with Type 2 Diabetes, our program is here for you. Aim for an HbA1c of 5.6% or below to reverse Pre-diabetes, and below 6.5% for Type 2 Diabetes—No Medication or Insulin needed. Achieve this by making simple lifestyle changes like eating better, exercising, and managing your weight.

We're proud to be the first company with groundbreaking results featured in top journals like ADA , AACE , and ECE. The proof is in—Small Tiny Habits can effectively reverse Type 2 Diabetes. The American Diabetes Association , American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and European Congress of Endocrinology recommend personalized treatment plans to keep blood glucose levels in check. When it comes to Diabetes Reversal, they emphasize the importance of a Structured Lifestyle Modification (SLM) Approach.

Recognised by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

90%+ Eliminated

3.4% avg HbA1C drop
within 3 months

25,000+ Successful

Recent research from Joslin suggests that people with type 2 diabetes can reach remission.This means their glucose levels return to normal (complete remission) or pre-diabetes levels (partial remission). Lifestyle changes, like weight loss, are key in achieving and maintaining remission. According to Harvard Health , a healthy lifestyle can prevent and even reverse diabetes. Although The CDC states that while there is no cure for type 1 diabetes , ongoing research is in progress, leading to the development of new technologies and medicines.

According to WebMD , Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. This means that your blood sugar levels can return to normal or pre-diabetes levels.
This is called Remission.

Full Remission of Type 2 Diabetes: Easy Guidelines

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Why Breathe’s Diabetes Reversal Plan Works

Breathe Well-being's program simplifies Type 2 Diabetes reversal. Our personalized plan considers factors like gut health, stress, and diet. With real-time monitoring, 1300+ data points, and daily Face Based Vital Scans, our proven approach has helped 50,000+ individuals reverse diabetes without medications. No crash diets – just a focus on diet and exercise for sustainable results.

Address the Root Cause

We help you understand the exact problem of elevated sugar levels. It could be related to your gut health, poor stress management, exercise, diet or poor sleeping pattern. Whatever your trigger, we intensively analyse your profile and create the right path for you so that your diabetes can be reversed.

Correct Diagnosis- Understanding your body through Technology & Data

Experts analyze your data, design a personalized route, and offer real-time glucose monitoring with 1x CGM. Enjoy 1300+ data points on our app, 2x Face Based Vital Scans daily for—365 days a year.

A Program that You Can Sustain

We don't want you to go on an unreasonable crash diet or become a gym buff. Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed  and this reversal program is very easy to follow, and with the right kind of guidance, you will be able to solve the mystery of reversing type 2 diabetes.

India’s Best Diabetes Reversal Program

Breathe Well-being has a proven track record in diabetes reversal, with over 25,000+ people successfully reversing type 2 diabetes, showcasing its effectiveness in helping individuals manage and reverse diabetes.

Looking for Tips on Lowering Blood Glucose Levels?

What's Included in the Breathe Reversal Program?

Join our game-changing program where top health experts and a supportive community cheer you on. Our fun Digital Game, guided by world-class coaches, is your go-to for learning, following lifestyle protocols, and achieving your diabetes reversal. Dive in with our 3 C's: Curriculum, Community, and Live Coaching!

How it works

Personalized Diet & Fitness Plans

Diabetes can be reversed, Based on your daily inputs & progress, your health coach will prepare a personalized diet plan that is easy to follow and maintain.

Dedicated Health Coaches

When fighting lifestyle disease, you need undivided attention; that's why you work with the most trained health coaches. Learn how to reverse diabetes through diet.

The Best Diabetes Doctors

Our Doctors have a proven track record of more than 25,000 successful reversals and possess decades of experience to prove that type 2 Diabetes can be reversed .

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Join a world of Real-time insights with our CGM. Get 1300+ data points on the Breathe Well-being App and understand how food, exercise, and lifestyle impact your levels.

Track Your Progress Anytime

You get premium access to the mobile app, where you and your health experts can track your progress anytime and anywhere.

Face Based Vitals

2 daily Face-Based Vital Scans, accessible every day of the year. Diabetes can be reversed with consistent, personalized insights.

Interested in Stopping
Diabetes Medication?

What We have Achieved

Under the guidance of world-class diabetes reversal experts, health coaches, and fitness trainers, receive the proper mentorship, monitoring, and care.

BWB’s Program has Delivered Outstanding Results for Users

Within just 30 day
  • 98%+ users have seen a reduction in sugar levels
  • 58% of Users initially on glycemic medications have reduced or are off medications
  • 66% of Users initially on insulin have reduced or are completely off insulin
  • 4+ Kg sustained weight loss
  • 3.4% avg HbA1C drop within 3 months
  • 5 good Habits formed per user

Our Online Diabetes Reversal Program Has Helped 25,000+ People Reverse their Type-2 Diabetes and also;

  • Controlled Blood Sugar Levels
  • Controlled HbA1c Levels
  • +90% Eliminated Medication
  • Avoided Other Comorbidities
  • Achieved Healthy BMI

About Breathes Diabetes Reversal

Our program is customised for everyone, as no two people are the same. Individually crafted, our program focuses on 4 key pillars: Diet, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Sleep Management. Diabetes can be reversed if one Understanding the science of diabetes reversal.

No Fad Diets

Adopting a balanced diet rich in whole foods, fibre, lean proteins, and healthy fats is essential. Learn about foods that can help you reverse your diabetes. Get to know how to reverse diabetes through diet.


Regular physical activity improves insulin sensitivity. Get to know what suits your body type best and see how Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed.

Stress & Sleep Management

Manage stress with techniques like meditation and prioritize quality sleep per night.

Understand the Science of Diabetes Reversal

For decades now, it has been a myth that you cannot reverse type 2 or prediabetes. However, this is possible, and you will learn how to reverse diabetes. Let us help you make better decisions with the right kind of diabetes education.

Want to Know If Diabetes Reversal Is Really Possible?

Your Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
Journey Starts Here!

With Breathe Well-being's Clinically Proven Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program, you could develop a healthy lifestyle, reduce Dependence on medication, and live better.Yes Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed!!

How does the Breathe Well being’s Diabetes Reversal Plan Work ?

  • Phase of program
  • Outcome Expected
Level 1 to level 2
  • Adapt
  • Level 1 to level 2
  • Make your body alkaline
  • 20% reduction in sugar levels
  • 2% reduction in weight
Level 3 to level 4
  • Accelerate
  • Level 3 to level 4
  • Hba1c reduction below 6.5%
  • Medication Stoppage
Level 5 to level 7
  • Transform
  • Level 5 to level 7
  • Muscle Building
  • Clearing GTT- Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Back to the new normal
Level 8 to level 10
  • Sustain
  • Level 8 to level 10
  • Full Diabetes Reversal
  • Healthy lifestyle,
  • Normal BMI
  • Normal blood glucose levels.
  • Elevated Mind, Body & Soul

Who Can Benefit from Our Diabetes
Reversal Program?

Our Comprehensive Diabetes Care Plan is tailored for individuals who:

If you're struggling with sugar control, HbA1c, and blood sugar despite medications, it's time for a change. Breathe Well-Being Comprehensive Diabetes Care offers a transformative Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program. Whether HbA1c is rising each year, medications are increasing without improvement, or complications persist, it's time to focus on your reversal journey.

Begin Your Journey to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

For all additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

Reversing diabetes in 30 days is quite challenging and varies for each person. But Yes, Type 2 diabetes can go into remission, meaning your blood sugar stays normal for at least three months without medication. However, it's a lasting condition, and we don't use terms like "cured" since it's a chronic disease. Although lifestyle changes can show initial improvements, sustainable results require ongoing commitment. For personalized guidance, consult a diabetes reversal expert at Breathe Well-being before making significant changes to ensure a tailored and effective plan.

WebMD suggests that making dietary changes and losing weight can help achieve and sustain normal blood sugar levels without medication. Lifestyle adjustments like maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, and achieving a healthy weight are key factors in putting diabetes into remission.

The diabetes reversal program focuses on enhancing insulin sensitivity and maintaining HbA1C levels below 6 without any medications. A personal health plan is designed to achieve these results by including 4 major players for reversal that are diet, exercise, diabetes knowledge, and stress reduction. An ideal diabetes reversal program deals with a low-carb diet, a very low-calorie diet, lifestyle changes like exercises & meditation, and weight control. With these effective ways, type 2 diabetes can be reversed to a non-diabetic range.

Yes! Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can be corrected by following the right food and exercise regime. Diabetes Reversal programs are designed to include low-calorie and low-carb food in your diet with a personalized workout plan that helps you maintain your blood glucose levels and reduce HbA1C. This diabetes reversal program works on reducing insulin resistance and weight, thus controlling your fluctuating sugar levels.

Since type 2 diabetes is the outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle so by improving your lifestyle can be the best way to reverse your diabetes. It can be done with the help of a health and fitness expert. To achieve the best results, you can change your sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. These are the key players in diabetes reversal as they help in controlling your glucose levels naturally without any medications.

Whereas type 1 diabetes can only be managed through medicines and diet, type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a well-structured diabetes reversal program. People with type 2 diabetes have enough chances to reverse their sugar by following a diet and fitness protocol. Almost in all cases of type 2, people can reverse their diabetes with their sincere efforts towards their eating habits and physical activities.

There is no fixed timeline to reverse your diabetes. It purely depends on your body and the program you're following. Each person needs a different approach to bring changes in their lifestyle, so by choosing the best program, one can reverse diabetes in a short time. It takes 3-4 weeks to start seeing results such as controlled sugar levels, reduced HbA1c, reduced medicines, and weight. The best way to achieve a positive result is to enroll yourself in a program that understands your conditions and design a program based on that.

No! There is no such diabetes medicine available that can cure diabetes permanently. Diabetes can be managed and reversed with the help of medicines and lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle adds up to more chances of reversing your type 2 diabetes. You can keep a check on your diet and physical activities and can lead a medicine-free life.

Diabetes is a lifelong disease, but it can be managed by adopting certain protocols. Diabetes reversal is an ongoing practice that continues with healthy eating and an active lifestyle. There is no proof that it can be reversed permanently, but you can make it last long by leading a suggested lifestyle in terms of low-carb, low-calorie food and required exercises.

Type 2 diabetes is a result of an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. You can rectify these things by following a few guidelines and can reverse your diabetes at home naturally. They are eating healthy food with low carbs and calories, regular exercise, weight loss, more water consumption, improving sleep apnea, not smoking, and leading an active life. These natural ways can restore your normal sugar levels and help you reverse diabetes at home.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition you can change with a few modifications in your daily life. It can allow you to lead a medicine-free life with controlled blood sugar levels. There are many diabetes reversal programs in India that offer personalised health plans to reverse diabetes without medications, and BWB is the best among them. By understanding the root cause of diabetes, you can address the issue more accurately by imbibing healthy habits into your lifestyle and getting rid of medicines forever. It requires consistent efforts and perseverance toward your customized health plan to bring the best results out of it.

There is no permanent cure for type 2 diabetes but it can be reversed with the best diabetes reversal program. Breathe Well-being has helped more than 10,000 diabetic people to reverse their diabetes with an easy and doable diet and fitness plan. Breathe diabetes reversal program helps you with a clinically proven, effective, and customized health plan that includes diet and fitness guidelines. It helps you control sugar levels, HbA1C, weight, and other diabetes-related complications. Also, It allows you to lead a Medicine Free life just by following a perfect diet and exercise.

Cure diabetes means eliminating the pathophysiology of abnormal conditions and bringing back normal health. Diabetes reversal is a condition that brings improvement in the health condition while diabetic such that the need for diabetic medicines intake is less. Through diabetes reversal, you can avoid complications of diabetes.

Breathe Well-being has helped over 10,000 people reverse their type 2 and prediabetes. Our program is scientifically tested and clinically proven to help control sugar levels and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally, which is the most easy to follow and sustainable program.

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