Dr. Guneet Chopra

Dr. Guneet Chopra, a senior Diabetologist, General Physician, and Geneticist with over 11 years at Nahar Medical Center, excels in patient consultation, management, and diabetes care. I led patient care, conducted workshops, and co-authored significant books on Stem Cell Therapy. Contributing to various scientific journals reflects my commitment to medical advancement.

Jowar vs Bajra for Diabetes: Which One Is Better?

Diabetes has become a pressing health concern globally, with India ranking among the nations with the highest prevalence of this metabolic disorder. With approximately 74.9 million diabetics in 2021, projected to surge to 124.9 million by 2045, the need for effective diabetes management strategies is paramount. While medication plays a crucial role, dietary choices also significantly …

Diabetes and Ramadan Fasting

Hey there! With Ramadan right around the corner, Muslims everywhere are preparing for a month full of fasting, prayer, and self-reflection. But for those managing diabetes, this sacred time brings its own set of challenges. How do you fast Diabetes and Ramadan fasting while keeping your blood sugar levels in check? It’s a balancing act that …

Glycemic Load Chart of Indian Foods for Diabetes

Picture this: a spread of aromatic spices, hearty grains, and mouth-watering dishes, all waiting to be explored. But hold on a second—how do these tasty treats affect your blood sugar? That’s where we come in! In this guide, we’re going on a culinary adventure through the colorful realm of Indian foods. Armed with the secret weapon …


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