Type 2 Diabetes & Prediabetes
Reversal Program

Clinically proven program to Control Blood Sugar and
HbA1c Levels Naturally.

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Recognized by American
Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

90%+ Eliminated

Avg. 1.8 HbA1c

10,000+ Successful

What We have Achieved

Breathe Well-being's Clinically Proven Program has helped our patients Reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. It is
achieved with the right Mentorship, Monitoring, and Care by World-class Diabetes Experts, Health
, and Fitness Trainers.

Our Program Has Helped 10,000+
Patients Reverse their Type-2 Diabetes and also;

  • Controlled Blood Sugar Levels
  • Controlled HbA1c Levels
  • +90% Eliminated Medication
  • Avoided Other Comorbidities
  • Achieved Healthy BMI

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Why Breathe’s
Reversal Plan Works

A Holistic and Customized Program designed by World-Class Diabetes Experts
and Health Coaches to address and correct the root causes of Type 2 Diabetes.

Address the Root Cause

A reversal program designed towards finding and addressing the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes instead of managing it with medication.

A Program that You Can Sustain

We don't want you to go on an unreasonable crash diet or become a gym buff. The reversal program is designed in a way that you can maintain.

Take Full control of Your Body

Apart from the reduction of HbA1C, our focus is also on weight management, better mental health and elimination of medications.

Reduce Dependency on Medicines

We DO NOT prescribe or introduce any medicine be it allopathic, homeopathic or ayurvedic, instead, we reduce your dependency on medicines to control blood sugar levels.

Your Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
starts here!

With Breathe Well-being's Clinically Proven Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program you would be able to
Reverse Type 2 Diabetes just like our other 10,000+ subscribers. Develop a Healthy Lifestyle,
Reduce Dependency on Medication and Live Better.

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  • 1 to 1 Consultation with Diabetes Expert
  • Detailed Diabetes Profiling
  • Root cause Analysis
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Effective and Sustainable

Our program is customized for every individual, as no two people are the same.
The 4 pillars for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes are Diet, Exercise, Meditation, and Monitoring.

No Fad Diet

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal doesn't mean following a strict diet or starving yourself. It is all about what, when, & how much one should eat.

Health Coach

When you join the program, we assign a dedicated health expert who curates a plan which is best suited to you.

Regular Monitoring

The program is supported by a dedicated mobile app giving you the ability to track and monitor your progress.

Mental Health

Stress is the main cause of multiple health issues, that's why we always focus on mental health to reduce stress & anxiety.

Reverse with
Qualified Doctors

When you join our reversal program, you start working with the top diabetes doctors, best health
coaches, and dieticians with one goal that is to reverse type 2 diabetes, lower blood sugar levels,
and reduce your medications.

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Rest Assured You are in
Good Hands

Unlike other healthcare programs, we don't call our users a patient, we call them Athletes.
Joining the program is your first step in the reversal journey and to keep you motivated,
we have the best of health experts and the community.

Debunk the Diabetes Myths

For decades now, it has been a myth that you cannot reverse type 2 or prediabetes. However, this is possible and you learn how to reverse diabetes.

Personalized Diet Plans

Based on your daily inputs & progress, your personal dietician will prepare a personalized diet plan that is easy to follow and maintain.

Dedicated Health Coaches

When you are fighting lifestyle disease, you need undivided attention, that's why you work with the most trained health coaches.

The Best Diabetes Doctors

Our Doctors have a proven track record of more than 10,000 successful reversals and pose decades of experience.

Reverse With the Community

When we work towards changing our habits, we need support and motivation. That's where our reversal community inspires you.

Track Your Progress Anytime

You get premium access to the mobile app where you and your health experts can track your progress anytime and anywhere.

*Results may vary from person to person **Based on clinical studies performed by Breathe Well-being

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