Dr. Arjun Subash Kalasapur


Dr Arjun has a vast experience as a Clinical Research Scientist. He has also got specialities in Gastroenterology, Cardiology/Cardiac ICU, Neurology with special interest in Epilepsy etc. Also, worked in the Epilepsy Clinics run by Victoria Hospital, Bangalore.

Dr Arjun S Kalasapur worked as Doctor in Health Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Children Screening Camps in Schools etc. He has also received trainings in GCP’s, GLP’s, BA/BE Studies and Phase I Clinical trials. He has received first prize for Poster Presentation at APICON Conference, Hyderabad in January 2015. Also, got first prize for Poster Presentation at ISOP Conference in Agra in October 2016.

Dr Arjun also participated in many National and International Conferences such as PHARMATECH, INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF PHARMACO VIGILANCE (ISOP).

He also participated in Hands on Workshops in fields such as Pharmacology, Medicine, Dermatology, Neurology etc.


  • Matric, Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangalore, Apr 2002
  • II PUC, Sri Kumaran Children’s Home Composite PU College, Mar 2004
  • MBBS, Saratov State Medical University, Saratov, Russian Federation, Jun 2010
  • Internship, St Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore, Jul 2012
  • MD (Pharmacology), Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute, May 2018
Experience Aug 2012 – Dec 2018, Junior Resident, Department of Medical Intensive Care Unit at St Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore.
  • Also, worked in various other hospitals to gain experience in Gastroenterology, Cardiology/Cardiac ICU, Neurology with special interest in Epilepsy etc.
Jan 2019 – Apr 2020, Clinical Research Scientist, M/S Lotus Labs Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
  • Screened volunteers to select suitable subjects for the study as required by the protocol; dosing of the subject as per protocol; observation, documentation, treatment and follow up of the subjects as per GCP criteria.
  • Formulated SOP’s concerning the safety of the subjects and streamlining the processes.
  • Member of the Audit Team for assessing the facilities, operating procedures and cost economics of diagnostic labs for empanelment with Lotus Labs
May 2020 – Oct 2020, Clinical Investigator, Life Care hospital and Research Centre, Bangalore.
  • Was part of phase 2 and 3 clinical trials (soul, sustain, flow) as a clinical investigator under Dr. l.S. Sreenivasmurthy.
Oct 2020 – Oct 2021, Fellowship Course in Diabetes, DIACON Hospital, Bangalore.
  • Pursued Hands on Fellowship Course in Diabetes under Dr.S.R.Aravind. Received comprehensive training in management of types of diabetes, associated co morbidities, diabetic foot etc.

Publications and Paper Presentations

  • Comparison of SITAGLIPTIN vs. TENELEGLIPTIN as an add on to METFORMIN in Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Drugs used in IDIOPATHIC GENERALISED EPILEPSY (IGE) Poster: 1) Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of SITAGLIPTIN vs. TENELIGLIPTIN in Type 2 Diabetes
  • Comparison of Conventional vs. Newer AED’s in Epilepsy
  • Comparison of Sodium Valproate vs. Magnesium Valproate in IGE
  • Also, published the above presentations in various Pharmacology journals.

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