Author: Dr. Rashmi GR

Academic Qualification:

  • M. B.B.S from Sri Siddhartha Medical College
  • D.D.M - Diploma in Diabetes Management
  • CCEBDM - 1 yr Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management by PHFI
  • CCMTD - Certificate Course in Management of Thyroid Disorders
  • CCMH - Certificate Course in Management of Hypertension
  • BLS , ACLS and NTLS Certification

Work Experience:

  • Working as Consultant Diabetologist at Lifespan Diabetes Clinic - Jayanagar Consultant Diabetologist for TwinHealth Consultant Diabetologist at Excel Care Hospitals, Big hospital (jayanagar)
  • Worked as Diabetologist at Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road under renowned Endocrinologist Dr.Dwarakanath C.S. since April, 2017 - July 2019
  • Working as Diabetologist/Thyroid Specialist at Home clinic.
  • Worked as General Practitioner at Shristi Hospital.
  • Worked as Duty doctor at Sri Sai Ram Hospital.

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