Why Are Squats Good For You?

Starting with a new fitness routine? Or trying to enhance your existing fitness plan? You might consider adding squats to your routine!

If you thought squats were only for the legs, think again. By stimulating an anabolic environment, they promote muscle building in the whole body. Hence your entire body benefits from doing any form of squat variation.

How do Squats benefit you?

Squats make you stronger– it’s true! These exercises strengthen lower body muscles, connective tissues and ligaments, while also strengthening your core at the same time.

Squats make you more flexible– They improve flexibility by enhancing the range of motion in hips and ankles, thereby preventing any possible injury during running, jumping or other activities.

Squats ease back pain– Since they boost flexibility, deep squats also reduce back pain and help you perform daily activities or sports better.

Squats promote anabolic hormonal benefits– They are great stimulants for the release of testosterone and growth hormone, which are essential for building muscle.

Squats burn calories– When you burn calories by squatting, you burn fat and build more muscle mass for a leaner, fitter body.

Squats improve balance– Yes, they build stronger legs and stabilize muscles for better balance, reducing falls and injuries.

Squats tone the body– An essential part of fitness routines centered on toning the body, squats help firm and shape your butt, legs and abs.

Since squats provide so many physical benefits, they’re a popular choice among athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It’s time you started doing squats too – and reaping the numerous health benefits they offer!

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