If You Think Smoking Is Only Bad for Your Lungs, You Need to Read This!

Most of our problems such as obesity or smoking or addiction to alcohol are lifestyle problems. It’s not because we don’t know they are bad that we continue doing them, but because it’s hard to stop. They’ve become a habit and therefore, a part of who we are. That’s the narrative we keep telling ourselves, but that won’t change a thing.

Change always comes from thoughtful abstinence from doing the things that are not good for you, things that you promised yourself not to do again. And in your quest to getting healthier, smoking can be a huge hindrance. If you are on your way to quit smoking (and we really hope you are), this post will give you that much-needed nudge and motivation to stay on that path.

You’ve probably heard, read or seen the warning: Smoking causes cancer, smoking kills, accompanied by a graphic image of damaged lungs. But did you know that smoking doesn’t just harm the lungs, it can also wreak havoc on many other parts of the body?

These are some additional health risks that smoking comes with:

  • It narrows the arteries, increases blood pressure and makes blood thicker, leading to clots. These clots may result in a heart attack or stroke.
  • Smoking may give you bad breath, stained teeth and gum disease. Moreover, it may increase the risk of lip, throat, tongue, larynx and oesophagus cancer.
  • It irritates the stomach and intestines, which may give way to ulcers and other issues of the digestive tract.
  • Pregnant women are commonly warned not to smoke because it can lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, stillbirth, illnesses in the baby or low birth weight.
  • Smoking can also bring about impotence in men, reduce sperm count or damage sperm.
  • It decreases bone density, making bones brittle and weak. It can also tighten specific muscles.
  • Tobacco smoke adversely affects the immune system, increasing the body’s vulnerability to infections and illnesses.
  • Smoking affects the skin too; it brings down the oxygen content reaching the surface, speeding aging and producing a dull, grey tinge.

By quitting smoking, you can reduce the health perils mentioned above by a significant degree. We cannot avoid death, but why invite it beforehand and shorten the already-short life? Let it come in its own time. It’s time to let your body recover and heal – it’s time to kick the butt!

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