Best Cancer-fighting Foods to add to your Diet

Cancer still remains one of the most difficult diseases to detect, treat and manage and millions of people around the world suffer from it. Although, there is no strong evidence about how to prevent cancer entirely, there are certain things we can do to minimize its chances. And when it comes to a fatal and brutal illness such as cancer, you want to do all you can, to make sure it stays away from you and your family, right? Here, we’ll discuss some foods that can be included in your diet that help in lowering the risk of cancer.


Studies have shown that Broccoli is rich in Sulforaphane, a compound which demonstrates anti-carcinogenic properties. Studies have also concluded that Sulforaphane can reduce the tumor size through death of tumor cells. Thus, higher intake of Sulforaphane containing vegetables like Broccoli can be associated with lowering the risk of cancers.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil contains, in abundance, phenolic antioxidants, which are very potent inhibitors of reactive oxygen species. Current studies point towards the fact that reactive oxygen species promote growth of carcinogenic clusters. Thus, consumption of extra virgin olive is linked with lowering the risk of cancer.


Researchers have shown growing interest in Carcumin, an active component of Turmeric. Numerous studies have linked Carcumin to lowering the risk of cancer. Carcumin has been linked to inhibiting the growth of tumors in animals. Researchers hope that similar results can be translated to research in humans.


Many studies have concluded multiple health benefits of Garlic. However, one of the top areas of interest in these studies has always been the anti-carcinogenic properties of the compounds into which garlic is metabolized in the human body. Garlic has multiple mechanisms through which it helps in lowering the risk of cancer by inhibiting growth of tumors in the body.


Research has confirmed that the antioxidant Lycopene, found in tomatoes, can offer protection against certain cancers such as prostrate and lung cancer. Make sure to cook them before you eat, as cooking releases lycopene in tomatoes.

In addition to these foods, include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, as this ensures less intake of artificial sugars, which is the greatest enemy of your body. Green tea can also help prevent formation of tumour, offering protection against liver, breast, lung and skin cancer.

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