The Road to Fitness Is An Easy One

Yes, there is no getting away from taking that extra step irrespective of what the goal is!

How do you feel on a day when you went for an early morning jog? It refreshes you making you feel active to take on a long day ahead. As opposed, on days when you don’t exercise you feel low on internal energies, the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed (dysania) and lack of proactivity lingers in the air around you all day long.

That being said, it is not very difficult to understand the importance of exercise and fitness. The lack or presence of which, has direct effects on your overall well-being. Health and Fitness are relative terms and one cannot exist in the absence of the other. Simply put, health is the foundation on which fitness can be optimised.

Health in simpler terms is the physical, mental and emotional balance which leads to optimal functioning of the body. Complete fitness is a holistic approach towards perfection, which also includes aspects like, eating balanced diet, taking right nutrition, exercising regularly, lifestyle modifications, mental well being as well.

Fitness- involves exercise activities that you do in order to try to improve your physical health and stay healthy, particularly in the categories of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and body composition.


To elaborate more on this I have summed up ways to attain overall fitness and well-being:

Nutrition and Diet: Adequate nutrition facilitates the body’s potential to strengthen its immune system. A strong immune system allows the body to accomplish tasks optimally, keeps it disease free, and keeps the body energetic. Proper nutrition empowers the human body to heal itself through a balanced diet, healthy and nutritious food and good lifestyle. Our aim should always be to stay natural as far as possible so that our bodies function at an extent that it does not require the use of supplements and drugs.

Exercise: Physical activity is important when talking about fitness, a research study at UK revealed that after starting the exercise routine, 70% of target population felt that their energy levels had improved;  90% reported improved emotional well-being, 80% felt that their physical capabilities had improved and 50% had achieved weight loss (of up to 3kg).

Endurance:  Add strength days into your workout routine along with cardio. Most people keep one day for cardio and another day for strength. Try combining the two . Operate a bench press, immediately followed by pull-ups, then running a mile as fast as you can. And repeat. Reduce the amount of rest in between the sets if your goal is to build endurance. Use compound movements instead of Isolated exercises like bicep curls and leg lifts. Switching up your workout is significant for building endurance.

Flexibility: Flexibility is the most important part of the fitness regime. To increase flexibility one should stretch regularly during the entire day and primarily after a workout session. Contrary to muscle growth, our body never becomes ‘over strained’ from rightly performed stretching. Stretching after a workout session will encourage lactic acid removal from your muscles, relieving from soreness and in turn correcting your posture.

Body Composition: Although aerobic capacity, muscle endurance and flexibility are integral components of overall physical fitness, they pale in contrast to the role of body composition in fitness. Body composition is not what you do, but body composition is what you are. Basically our body is composed to two kind of tissues – lean weight and fat weight. Fat weight includes all the fat stored in our body and lean weight is the weight of all tissues like organs, muscles, skin, bones and blood. The equilibrium of your body’s tissues adds to health as well as performance indirectly.

Achieving your fitness and health goals is quite simple, it requires baby steps if you are a starter and a substratum of various components if you are presently progressive and seeking further advanced goals. Without physical well-being one cannot optimise fitness, so start small but stay consistent.


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