Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today

Meditation is amongst the top complementary and alternative medicine therapies used across the world. Meditation is not one practice but a combination of multiple techniques that help calm the mind and the body. A number of studies over the years have indicated multitudes of physiological as well as psychological benefits of meditation.

Muscle and Joint Aches

Research has proved that meditation can help reduce and alleviate muscle pain and joint aches in all age groups. Group studies offer conclusive evidence of lower muscle aches and joint pains in subjects who practice meditation over longer periods.

Mental Health

Multiple research groups have concluded that meditation has a tremendous positive effect on the mental health of those who practice meditation over long periods. Improved mental health can be linked to a number of psychological and physiological benefits over extended periods.

Perceived Stress and Anxiety

Meditation has also been linked to the reduction of perceived stress in people who practice meditation for longer periods. Controlled research through a group of median age 24 concluded that the people who practiced meditation were less afflicted by anxiety and perceived stress, as compared to the group that didn’t perform any meditation, over a period of just four weeks.

Helps fight addictions

The same controlled study also concluded that the group which practiced meditation relied on recreational drugs much less as compared to the control group. Meditation provides positive reinforcement to the will power, which helps the practitioners in overcoming the mental addiction towards various habit-forming substances.

If these reasons don’t convince you to start practicing meditation, we don’t know what will. Meditation is arguably the easiest, simplest and best thing you can do for your mind. Perhaps, you must do it to understand it!



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