Kick Start Your Low-Carb Diet with These Fruits & Vegetables

One of the biggest diet challenges people have is limiting carbs, simply because we’re so used to them being a major part of every meal. But, it’s not that difficult, you just need to replace the carbs with the right set of fruits and vegetables that provide nutrition without adding too many calories or carbs. We’ve done the homework for you and picked out the best fruits and vegetables that are an excellent addition to a low-carb diet.

Watermelon: 7.55 g carbs per 100 g

High on water, low on carbs! This summer fruit fills you up with its water content, keeping you full during the summertime.

Strawberry: 7.68 g carbs per 100 g

Berries are low carb fruits, and strawberries offer the least amount of carbs out of all others. They also contain vitamin C and potassium.

Cantaloupe: 8.16 g carbs per 100 g

Having a cantaloupe (also known as muskmelon, rock melon or sweet melon) is bliss on a hot summer day. The fruit has very low carb content but lots of water, keeping you healthy, hydrated and full.

Peach: 9.54 g carbs per 100 g

A yummy snack for everyone counting calories, this fruit is big on taste and low on carbohydrates. A guilt-free treat indeed!

Cucumber: 2.16 g carbs per 100 g

Another cooling, water packed food choice, cucumber is a wonderfully refreshing addition to your low carb salad or meal.

Tomato: 3.89 g carbs per 100 g

A fruit or a vegetable? It could be either, but this lycopene-rich item is perfect for eating raw or cooked as part of a low-carb food plan!

Cauliflower: 4.97 g carbs per 100 g

Swap your good old potatoes with cauliflower for a filling yet low carb lunch. You can also alternate with broccoli.

Spinach: 3.63 g carbs per 100 g

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the green vegetable. If you’re trying to get into a low-carb diet, you’d be better off loving the vegetable than hating it. Spinach is not only loaded with iron but its low carb content makes it a great addition to salads and proteins like chicken breast, dal and paneer.

Both healthy and light in carbs, these fruits and vegetables are great for everyone, especially those of you who’re trying to restrict your carb consumption. We hope this list would give you a great start and motivation to get your low carb diet plan rolling!



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