How to keep your parents involved in fitness

Remember how your parents ran after you to eat your greens, drink milk, force fed you a nutritious diet? When you grew a little older they would ask you to play more outdoor sports, less video games. It is because they cared. And they still do. Parents are the most selfless creatures on the planet. Now when you are old enough to take care of yourself, it is them who need it the most. While they take care of everyone, they may just not be motivated enough to take care of themselves—exercise regularly, or get a health checkup done, or simply watch their diet. And this is where you can and must step in…

So, how can you convince your reluctant parents to embrace fitness?

  1. Support groups/ same age friends – Encourage them to take up a fitness regime along with their friends or neighbors belonging to the same age group. They will keep each other motivated and in-check. Alternatively, you can hire a community trainer that can train them. It will also prove to be a cost-effective idea. Similarly, it would be a great idea for you to workout with them, be their exercise buddies. Or take them for walks.
  2. Have a chat with them– Having an honest chat with them about how you want them to be fit and healthy is most likely to convince them to pursue fitness. Share your concerns with them, whether they are overweight, suffer them diabetes or heart diseases, along with the benefit exercises can have on positively impacting these problems.
  3. Be supportive– Do not be cynical of what they are doing. Support them. This is very important. Put a positive and affirmative attitude on display. They may not be the fittest parents you know, but celebrate small victories and milestones with them. It will keep them motivated and encourage them to do even better.
  4. Consult a doctor– If you know of any illnesses that run in your family, get your parents checked. If they are suffering from health issues already, ask a doctor/physiotherapist to recommend exercises and activities that they will benefit from the most.
  5. Make a diet chart– Diet is a very essential aspect of fitness that cannot be ignored. Consult a nutritionist and come up with a diet plan that will be most appropriate for them. You can even decide to cook with them or for them. They can’t say ‘no’ to that now, can they?

Exercising at their age not only decreases the risk of chronic diseases, but also enhances quality of life. Go and tell them you love them and want them around, healthy and happy for a long, long time. That should do the trick.


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