How to Handle a Burnout

The World Health Organization recently shared a report where it described burnout as an occupational phenomenon, affecting the health status of an individual. In simpler terms, burnout is a syndrome that results from continuous work stress.

Its symptoms include:

  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Negative feelings towards your job
  • Decreased efficiency at work

So, if you too are regularly feeling energy deprived at work, and cynical about your job, then you may be experiencing burnout. However, you can manage your stress and recover using a few simple techniques. Read on!


Dealing with burnout involves taking small steps in the direction of positivity.

  • Identify a close confidante, and open up to him/her about your state of mind.
  • Try to develop friendships with supportive office colleagues and stay away from the cynical folks.
  • Talk to your supervisor about possible changes in your role or responsibilities to better suit your skills and interests.
  • Figure out how you can maintain a work-life balance, make time for friends, family, hobbies, social work and vacations.
  • Establish boundaries and learn to say No instead of overexerting.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night and set time aside for relaxation via yoga, tai chi or meditation.
  • Finally, if nothing else works, consider quitting your job to find one that isn’t as stressful or demanding.


Remember, feeling burned out with stress can make you feel helpless and hopeless; but you can turn around with a few positive changes in your life. Finding ‘me’ time, taking a short leave, or merely opening up to loved ones can go a long way!


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