How to deal with sugar cravings

If there was one super power that most people could wish for, it would not be the power to be invisible or the power to fly, but it’s likely to be the power to be able to kill one’s sugar cravings. Yes, we know how strong those cravings can be.

It’s not that we are ignorant of the fact that sugar is not good for us. We all know that. But, sometimes, knowledge is not enough. Especially, when we are talking about delicious, mouth-watering cakes, pastries, donuts, ice creams etc. Let’s face it—it’s not easy to resist those.

We’ve been there too. And find ourselves there every now and then. When it comes to fighting against the power of sugar cravings, you need something more than just willpower. You need a set of healthy habits that’ll help you deal with those cravings, the next time they strike you.

  1. Distract yourself

One of the most fundamental ways of doing away with your sugar craving is to forget about it. Distract yourself by doing other tasks. Maybe, watch an entertaining video or read something or have a glass of water. Of course, this applies only when you have a craving and not when you’re really hungry. When you’re hungry, you must eat. Forgetting about your hunger won’t help!

  1. Eat healthy, filling meals regularly
    When you are full, you are less likely to think about food. Therefore, every time you sit down to eat, make sure you load your plate with healthy foods that are also filling. For examples, vegetables, proteins and fruits. Also, watch out for the time gap between your meals. The more the gap, the more likely you are to treat yourself to larger portions of sugary foods next time to eat.
  2. Engage in physical activity
    Every time you feel like having something sweet, get up from your desk and perform mild physical exercise such as stretching, bending, walking etc. The idea is not only to distract yourself from your craving but to also make you feel good about having done something productive for your fitness. Now, you wouldn’t want to cancel out your efforts by giving in to your craving, would you?
  1. Have a fruit
    If sugar is bad, why are fruits recommended in healthy diets? It’s true that fruits contain high amounts of sugar, but they contain natural sugars. Fructose, present in sugar, is considered to be bad for metabolism, when consumed in excessive amounts. But, it’s not quite possible to consume very high amounts of fructose from eating fruits. For example, the amount of fructose in an apple is far less than that in a bottle of coke. Plus, apple is filling and you’re unlikely to eat anything after. But, coke which has no nutritional value, doesn’t compensate for hunger. You’ll eat your meal even after gulping down a bottle of coke. Therefore, it’s always better to meet your sugar needs through fruits as opposed to food and drinks with free sugar.
  2. Check “labels” of healthy packaged foods
    We love to eat healthy foods such as yogurt, fruit juices, smoothies, vegetable juices, and so on. But, most of these packaged foods, bought from outside, contain sugar. And high amounts of it. So, make it a point to check their nutritional chart before you purchase them. Every wise decision counts when it comes to your fight against sugar.


Well, you just saw that you don’t really need superpowers to kill your sugar cravings. You can do that all by yourself. Just follow the habits above!



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