How to create work environment that reduces stress and enhances productivity

At the end of the day all your boss asks for is “How productive was your day?” Sometimes the answer to that question is joyous and sometimes, rather stressful. In this post, we help you bridge the gap between your good and not-so-good days at work.

Here are some tips on creating a work environment, both inside and outside of your office that helps minimize stress and enhances your productivity.


  1. Create the right workspace

Your surroundings have more impact on your state of mind than you think. You spend over eight hours of your day at this place, so the least you can do is design your space in a way that you’d love spending your time there.

  1. First of all, make sure your work space is clean and organized at all times. A clean space helps you keep calm and facilitates clarity of thoughts.
  2. Secondly, personalize your space. Take the liberty to change the look of your desk. Add colours, stickers, motivational quotes, or anything that may help you focus better. You can also have pictures of your family, friends and colleagues. The idea is to create a space that’s yours, where you feel belonged, where you feel comfortable and at home.
  3. Bring in some goodness of nature. Adding plants is not only a beautiful decoration idea but it also promotes positivity and relaxes your mind.


  1. Use your commuting time wisely

Use the time that you take to commute to and from work as the time to relax and de-stress. You can read a book, listen to the music you love or just catch up on the news. If you’re someone who’s pressed for time, you can use your morning commute to plan your day’s activities so that as soon as you reach your desk, you can get cracking!


  1. Minimize Multitasking

Reduce or eliminate multitasking completely. Doing more than one thing at one time will reduce the efficiency and the quality of the work that you are produce. It is said that you cannot serve two masters at one time, so don’t be over ambitious, it will only hamper your work and increase stress. One thing at a time.


  1. Two-minute work rule

There are certain unavoidable tasks that come to you suddenly. Or there may be tasks that may not be urgent but won’t take much time. In such cases you can follow the two-minute rule, which says, that if a task at hand can be done in two minutes, then make the effort to complete it the moment you learn about it. Or else, it will linger on your mind, distracting you from other, more important work.


  1. Manage your interruptions better

There will always be distractions at work, some of which you cannot stop or control. What do you do then? Learn to manage them smartly in a way that your productivity isn’t affected by them.

Maybe you have an aisle seat? Or maybe you sit near a noisy elevator? Or maybe you have that colleague who often shows up for a chat? In these cases, you can use noise cancellation earphones to keep yourself from being distracted and to stop people from stopping by to say Hi while you’re busy working.


We hope these tips will help you create a work environment that works best for you!


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