How Pursuing a Sport can Change Your Life!

Yes, we all know we need to work out, if we want to live long and stay healthy while doing that. And yet, not many of us could hit the gym, exercise or achieve our running goals as often as we’d like. What could be the reason? Lack of motivation? Lack of will? No, we all want to get fitter. Right? Then, why do most of us fail to follow our fitness regimes? The answer is lack of interest.

For most of us, unless you’re a gym freak, exercising or running or even walking can be boring. We do them only because we have to do them, not because we like doing them. As a result, we either engage in workouts unwillingly or find excuses to not do them at all. And most of us end up doing the latter. But, with sports you can change that equation completely. Why?


Why is sports an interesting way of working out?

Whether it is about waking up early to catch up with friends for a few rounds of tennis or playing football after work, you will always look forward to playing a sport as opposed to working out in a gym, or running alone for miles. Playing a sport is a fun way of working out with people whom you know—your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. That’s why people who play sports as a means have a higher chance of sticking to their routine.


Sport offers physical, but also mental exercise

There are very few sports that don’t require thinking. Actually, we can’t think of any sport that doesn’t involve thinking—cricket, football, tennis, badminton, all of them require you to get into the head of your opponents, anticipate their move, and play your best game. Nothing gives you a better mental workout than sports.


A sport gives a complete body workout

With sports, you don’t have to focus on working out different parts of your body. It gives your body a complete workout in the most natural way possible, building and toning every muscle, thereby increasing your stamina and strength.


Sport can build your self-esteem, team spirit, and social skills

Sport boosts your confidence. How? You do well, your team cheers for you. You don’t do well, your team still cheers for you. In short, you learn to deal with success and failure. You understand that nothing is permanent. There’s always a next game!

Whether you play a two-player sport or a team sport, it can immensely enhance your ability to function in a team setting. It also considerably impacts your social skills making it superbly easy for you to interact with people in all walks of life.


Start playing a sport early in life, and enjoy the benefits for life

Various studies have showed that playing sports is associated with reduced rates of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other poor health conditions. It has also been known that people who have been playing sports during the younger years of their life, have fewer old-age problems and live more active life in their 70s, 80s and 90s. So, in short, sports keep you young all your life. Now, who wouldn’t want that!


It has a career potential

Playing sports can open up so many great opportunities on the career front. If you like playing any sport and have the will to get better at it, you can become a professional player. That way you get paid to play your favourite sport.

Sports can have a greater impact on our lives than we think. Until now, sports was a part of only a professional sportsperson’s life, but it’s high time we realized we have all the reasons we need, to start pursuing a sport, any sport, in our life. And once you start, you’ll not want to stop because it will change your life!

Don’t believe us? Great! You should try and see for yourself…


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