GET SET ROLL! Fit in your fitness plan busy bee!

Life has never been more set in the fast lane. Living in cities, we are all privy to the myriad events and activities that take priority over certain VERY important, but seemingly not sourgent things (read without the sugarcoat as: your health and fitness regime).
So what do we do when the after-hours of office beckon a hearty snack outing instead of the mundane workout? The early morning wake up call is the nemesis that’s lurking around the corner? A little soiree with luscious muffins and samosas is a better option… Just for today? The 1001 priorities (and whims) we give in to in the moment?
The answer: You plan a workout you Just. Can’t. Miss.
Unless you’re a welcome fitness addict (yayy you!), chances are you’re likely to give in to the holy 1001 priorities. Admit it, in your heart, you do want to get out there, day after day (after day after day… I mean everyday, but you get the drag right?). And we’ll help you do just that!
So get on up, get a little excited, shake it up at one of our dance studios, sweat it out at the gym, take it peacefully with yoga, or show-off some equestrian skills with Classhop!
Now that the cat is out of the bag, you know what to do! We can’t wait to see you at one of the more than 400¬†studios in Delhi-NCR, hop on already!

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