Do frequent meals help speed up metabolism?

Metabolism is a phenomenon where energy or calories that you consume in the form of food are utilized to perform bodily functions. If you are unable to lose weight despite eating healthy and exercising regularly, slow metabolism can most likely be playing the villain in your case then. However, you can gain control over it by indulging in strength training.

There are a lot of myths that surround the process of metabolism. It is believed that eating frequent meals speed up the metabolism. That stands true only if the regular calorie intake in a day is divided into parts, at frequent intervals. If you end up eating more than you usually do, then you will be consuming more calories which in turn will lead to weight gain.

Another common misunderstanding regarding metabolism is that eating lesser and exercising more will help you lose weight faster. On the contrary, eating insufficient amount of food will result in a metabolic slow-down and hence, will not produce desired results. Eating too little will push your body into survival mode and your body will try to extract as much energy to perform basic functions. It will also make you feel drowsy and lethargic which will naturally leave you with no energy to exercise.

In order to boost your metabolism rate, keep a few things in mind:

  • Give your body enough protein.
  • Keep yourself hydrated!
  • Take a good night’s rest. Sleep-deprivation causes a drop in blood-sugar levels of the body, decreasing productivity.
  • Take black coffee shots before your workout sessions. Caffeine increases metabolism rate and if you consume it before indulging in intense workouts, you are likely to burn more calories than usual.

Also, remember that quality and quantity of the food you eat have a much greater effect on your metabolism than how frequently you eat it.



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