Dietary Guidelines for Diabetes


  • Salads and boiled vegetables are allowed (Tomato, Cucumber, Radish, Green leafy vegetables, Cabbage, Capsicum, Gourds)
  • Beverages like rasam, clear vegetable soup, lemon water (without sugar), and buttermilk.
  • Liberal intake of water.



  • High fibre food items like green leafy vegetables and green salad should be essential daily item.
  • Inclusion of wheat flour with black chana flour and barley flour in the ratio of 4:1 is advisable.
  • Whole grams and pulses are preferable to polished ones, may be included in atleast one meal, in sprouted or cooked form.
  • Whole wheat/multigrain bread is recommended over white bread.



  • Cereals like wheat flour, rice and their products like refined flour, bread and pulses/grams should be taken as advised.
  • Variety of refined oils should be taken. Select atleast one from each group for your daily cooking purpose.

Group A: Sunflower/Safflower/Corn/Soybean

Group B: Mustard/Groundnut/Olive

  • Fish/Chicken 50gm in boiled, steamed, grilled or baked form, not more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Egg whites can be taken, and only one yolk is advisable per day.
  • Fruits like orange, sweet lime, apple, papaya, guava, water melon, musk melon can be taken 100g per day.
  • Skimmed milk may be taken not more than half a litre per day including that needed for curd, lassi, buttermilk or paneer.
  • Green mint and coriander chutney can be taken in place of pickles.
  • Beverages like coconut water, vegetable juice can be taken in limited amounts.



  • Fats like vanaspati, ghee butter, coconut oil etc. should be avoided.
  • Fried foods like chips, papad, samosa, pakora, puri, parantha etc. should be avoided.
  • Bakery products like cakes, pastries, rusk, fan, cookies, cream biscuits etc. should be avoided.
  • Sugar,honey,jam,jiggery,glucose,sweets like laddu,barfi,kheer,pudding,dessert,ice cream should be avoided.
  • Refined starch products like cornflour, commercial jelly products, custard powder, arrowroot powder etc. should be avoided.
  • Vegetables like potato, yam, arbi, sweet potato should be avoided.
  • Sweet fruits like banana, mango, grapes, custard apple, jackfruit, wood apple, Chickoo etc. should be avoided.
  • Dried fruits and nuts like dates, raisins, currants, cashewnuts, groundnuts, coconut etc. should be avoided.
  • All aerated drinks, milk shakes and fruit juices etc. should be avoided.
  • Malted beverages like boost, bournvita, juices etc. should be avoided.
  • Fatty meats like ham, bacon, red meat, organ meat, shrimps, lobster, prawns etc. should be avoided.
  • Pickles made in oil.
  • Canned, tinned, processed and preserved foods to be avoided e.g. sauces, tinned fruits and vegetables, tinned chicken/fish, processed cheese etc. should be avoided.



It is one of the essential factors in the efficient management of disease. This can be achieved satisfactorily through diversion from your daily routine activities. For example indulge in creative activities like music, dancing, painting as well as recreational activities like sports, gardening etc.



Physical activity is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health. Indulge yourself in any physical activity regime atleast for 30 min for minimum 4-5 days in a week to avoid lifestyle disorders.

Choose any of the activity or rotate among all. There are many options like walk, gym, yoga, cardio, aerobic, dance etc.



  • Meal time management is most important. Equal spacing of three major meals per day is recommended. Free food items should be taken in between major meals and whenever hungry.
  • Omission of any food item from the list given above does not imply that they are free allowed or prohibited. Keeping in mind the composition of the food group it belongs to, one may use one’s own discretion.

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