7 Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Have you heard about bodyweight training? It is a type of strength training where you use your own body’s weight to offer resistance against gravity. Some of the most common bodyweight exercises are Pushup, Pull-up, Plank, Side Plank, Glute bridge, Burpee, Dip, Jump Squats, Lunges etc.

Are they advantageous for fitness enthusiasts? Hell, yeah! Here are a few of the incredible benefits that bodyweight training offers.


  1. Fat burning

It increases metabolism rate, in turn helping burn fat faster. Those who want to lose or manage their weight will find it helpful to include bodyweight exercises in their daily fitness routine.


  1. Lean muscle mass

Lifting heavy weights builds more lean muscle mass. In case of bodyweight training, you’re using resistance towards the weight of your own body, and building muscle in the process.


  1. Core strength

Fitness is not just about biceps and six packs; it is also about elevating your core strength. Bodyweight training enhances core stability, gives you better posture, and boosts overall performance.


  1. Heart health

It promotes healthy blood pressure levels, and contributes to better heart health, bringing down the risk of cardiovascular mortality, acute coronary syndrome and stroke.


  1. Flexibility

Performing bodyweight exercises using a full range of motion results in better joint movement, giving your body more flexibility.


  1. Free & convenient

Bodyweight exercises are free of cost; you don’t need special equipment or weights to do them. You can do them anytime, anywhere!


  1. Fewer injuries

Since this type of training doesn’t demand machines and limits you to handle only your own weight, it is relatively safer than other forms of weight training.


Bodyweight training isn’t just for the military; it is ideal for all those who take their health and fitness seriously. Add it to your workout routine and experience these benefits for yourself!

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