5 Reasons why you should work out in the winters

Don’t you hate it when you workout during the summer, with the humidity and heat and you feel like having more than two showers in the day. Well then, the winter is the best time to sweat it out, that’s if you can break a sweat. We put together five top reasons why you should try to get fitter this winter.


  1. Body Temperature

The natural body temperature of a healthy person is 36 to 37 degree Celsius. The temperature of the body drops in the winter. Working out will help increase the body temperature and bring it back to normal, while also making you fitter.


  1. Blood Circulation

During the winter, the blood circulation in the body decreases. However, when you work out, the blood circulates much better to all the parts of the body. This reduces the cramps that develop in your body.


  1. Burning calories

Research has shown that when you workout during the winter you tend to lose more calories. The body naturally must work harder to keep the body in the normal temperature. Working out will double the number of calories that you burn in the winter months.


  1. The heart

The heart has to work overtime to pump blood in the winter. You need to work out to strengthen those heart muscles in order to facilitate the heart to do a better job at distributing the blood in the body.


  1. Keep sickness at bay

With the winter comes the uninvited cough and cold. Working out and keeping the body fit will boost your immune system, reducing the chances of your getting a cough or a cold.


These are five of the best reasons that we can give you to stay fit, healthy and cool this winter. We hope they will work as an added motivation for you when you feel the temptation of skipping your workouts to curl up a little longer in your blanket!

Happy and Healthy Winters!

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