5 Healthiest sports for complete body workout

Till recently, sports was considered mainly a source of entertainment for all others except for the people who pursued it professionally. Of course, we all grew up playing some kind of sport. But, for most of us sports ended with our childhood.

We are still quite new to the idea of embracing sports as a part of our adult lives. However, this situation is changing rapidly with increasingly high number of people keenly exploring different sports.

And the idea that sports can very well become a part of your fitness routine or even replace your usual workouts, is quickly catching up. Especially, if you are someone who can’t bear the sight of gym where you have to work out alone, sports can be the way to go. That way, they can be in the outdoors, playing their favourite sports with their friends and family, while having fun.

Here, we have listed down 5 sports that offer your body a complete workout.



Swimming is the only sport that’s high-intense but also relaxing at the same time. Swimming builds stronger muscles and improves one’s lung capacity. All this, while also burning some unwanted calories.



The sport that we all know and have taken part in, at least at one stage of our life, is running! It requires no equipment, no racquet, no ball, just a pair of sneakers and a road to run on. Running is a great sport for the overall fitness of the body, and also a stress reliever. Running releases endorphins in the body. This is the feel-good juice that your body will accept with pleasure.



When you want to work out with a friend or your spouse, the best two-player sport to go for is undoubtedly Tennis. Playing one hour of tennis can burn around 600 calories. It’s right up there with jogging and cycling as one of the best aerobic activities. So, grab your racquets and get ready to serve!



Football is for those of you who want to have some fun with others during their workouts. This beautiful game gives pleasure to both those who are playing the sport and those who are watching. You use your entire body when playing football, thus, making it a best team sport for a full body workout.



Another competitive sport, requiring you to use the entire body, is Volleyball. The game is fun, where you jump, run and throw using your hands, ensuring you work out every muscle of your body.

In addition to these, you can also add some variety to your sports sessions by indulging in cycling, basketball, rowing and even gymnastics.


Having fun and getting entertained while giving your body a full workout? Well, who can say No to that!

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