10 Most common weight management mistakes

Wondering why your fitness routine is not yielding the results you want? Perhaps, you’re doing something wrong? These are the most common mistakes that most people make when managing their weight and fitness.

  1. Focusing only on scale weight.The fact is when you exercise, you can lose fat and gain muscle, which may be the reason why the weighing scale doesn’t show much difference.
  2. Having unrealistic expectations.We set fitness goals for ourselves which are almost impossible to achieve. This is a recipe for disappointment leading most people to give up. Instead, focus on being consistent with your regime and aim at making step-by-step progress.
  3. Eating too much or too little.Consuming too much calories is obviously detrimental to your fitness, but so is eating too little. Significantly less calorie consumption can lead to muscle loss instead of fat loss and also slow down your metabolism. Have an idea about the calorie content of the food you eat and watch your portion sizes. Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you should overload your plate.
  4. Shying away from weight training.Lifting weights allows you to gain muscles, burn belly fat and boost metabolism while improving your overall body composition. Many people refrain from weight training as they believe it would make them bulky. It wouldn’t.
  5. Not including enough fibres in your diet.While managing one’s weight, it is also important that you include an abundant amount of fibres in the meal. They keep you fuller and also help improve metabolism.
  6. Consuming processed or packaged foods.Processed foods, even when they’re technically labelled “healthy” may contain huge amounts of salts, sugar, added preservatives or chemicals to improve their taste. For example, fruit-flavoured yogurt, fruit juices etc. Avoid them and go for natural, fresh foods instead.
  7. Eating a protein-deficient diet.Proteins must be a part of your diet daily diet. The notion that proteins like milk and eggs are necessary only for growing children is wrong.
  8. Eating too frequently.Do you remember the advise “eat smaller meals, but frequently”. Well, turns out that the mantra doesn’t really work. Because, in doing that, you may end up consuming way more calories. And because your portion sizes are small, you may not really feel full. So, restrict the number of meals to 2-3 times a day and eat in moderation. Not too much, not too little.
  9. Not watching the food you eat.This is where technology comes into play. Today, you can find the nutritional composition of any food you eat, and therefore you’re in a much better position to make informed food choices. Even without visiting a dietician. Find out the foods that are rich in carbs, proteins and fats and the calorie content in them. Then, plan your meals in a way that you get the best mix. Not tracking the food you eat and relying solely on exercises is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while managing your weight.
  10. Not cutting down on sugar.Treating yourself to a dessert once in a while is alright. But, ignoring your daily sugar consumption is the bigger cause of the problem. Sugar is dangerous in that it can increase the blood sugar level, increase your weight, and not satisfy your hunger. So, you can end up eating a whole glass of sugary drink without feeling full and then end up eating more. Restrict sugar in daily beverages, soda, snacks such a biscuits and cookies.


These are some mistakes that can be easily made due to oversight and because of the fast-paced world that we live in. However, these are the mistakes that can cost us dear in the long run. Be smart and avoid them!


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