Seema Goel

19 Years
Master’s in Food & Nutrition, Lady Irwin College


Seema has worked with PGI Chandigarh and has counselled 10,000+ diabetic patients. She is also a regular columnist in with Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Times Of India, Chandigarh and Jaipur edition.

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By enrolling in our diabetes reversal program, you gain access to numerous benefits. Our team of experts comprehends your challenges and tailors a plan to suit your unique needs. Taking into account your food preferences, we ensure you can still indulge in your favourite meals while effectively managing diabetes. We prioritise lasting improvements to your health over quick fixes, promoting sustainable results. Moreover, our program is designed to be simple and adaptable, allowing for easy integration into your busy lifestyle. Additionally, our panel of experts boasts extensive qualifications and professional achievements, ensuring you receive top-notch care. Experience not only diabetes reversal but also a renewed sense of energy and vitality every day.

Dr. Subhanshu Gupta

18 Years+ Experience MBBS, MD, CCEBDM (Diabetology)

With a history as a Senior Resident at AIIMS, Dr. Subhanshu Gupta has received two international Diabetes Young Researcher awards and the Healthcare Icon 2019 award for Diabetes prevention in Jaipur. They've authored 50 publications and two books and have participated in approximately 30 national and international conferences on Diabetes.

Dr. Pawan Goyal

Fortis, Delhi MD, DNB, MBBS

With over 32 years of extensive clinical expertise in Medicine, Dr Pawan Goyal completed his MBBS & MD at S.P. Medical College Bikaner. Previously serving as Senior Resident Medicine at St. Stephen Hospital and Hindu Rao Hospital in New Delhi, he has also contributed to Jaipur Golden Hospital, Saroj and MMJ Hospitals. Dr. Goyal has actively participated in over fifty national and international conferences, serving as a chairperson/speaker in various seminars, CMEs, and symposiums.

Dr. Rakesh Sood

Fortis, Delhi MD, MBBS

Dr. Rakesh Sood, an esteemed General Physician in Delhi, practices at Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Sood specialises in the comprehensive treatment of both major and minor general medicine diseases. His expertise extends to areas such as diabetes management, abdominal pain, acute diarrhoea, allergies, and anxiety disorders. Dr. Rakesh Sood is dedicated to providing top-notch care and effective treatments for various medical conditions.

Dr. Ashwini Sarode Chandrashekara

11 Years of Experience MD Internal Medicine

Dr. Ashwini Sarode Chandrashekara has been a diabetologist for 11 years, focusing on diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, asthma, and infectious diseases. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, and has authored a book titled 'Diabetes in Elderly.' Dr. Chandrashekara's education includes MBBS, MD in Internal Medicine, and Diabetology and Infectious Diseases certifications.

Dr. Arjun Subash Kalasapur

11 Years of Experience MD (Pharmacology)

Dr. Arjun Subash Kalasapur is a skilled Clinical Research Scientist focusing on Gastroenterology, Cardiology, especially Cardiac ICU, Neurology, and Epilepsy. He has a wealth of experience conducting clinical trials and has been recognised for his outstanding presentations at national conferences. Dr Kalasapur completed his education at renowned institutions and obtained an MD in Pharmacology, the pinnacle of his academic journey.

Dr. Rashmi Surti

MBBS, Diploma in Diabetes Management

Dr. Rashmi Surti is a General Physician with additional qualifications in diabetes, clinical research, and business management. She holds a Board Certification as a Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS) and has over 15 years of experience in medical affairs and writing. She works at Megalifesciences, providing medical support to 31 countries globally. Dr. Surti specialises in various medical fields, including diabetes, oncology, orthopaedics, and more, supporting scientific activities within the organisation.

Dr. Sidharth Bawa

9+ Years of Experience MBBS, CCEBDM (Dip. in Diabetes Management)

Dr. Siddharth is a committed professional with over nine years of experience specialising in Diabetes, Elderly, and Emergency Care. He excels in medical office management, precise scheduling, and optimising financial outcomes. With a background in healthcare leadership, Dr. Siddharth has developed care protocols and effectively overseen clinical operations. He holds an MBBS from Norman Bethune Medical College and a diploma in Diabetes Management from PHFI.

Dr. Anupam Ghose

18 Years of Experience MBBS, Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Dr. Anupam Ghose is a physician with a postgraduate diploma in marketing and over 17 years of experience. He has worked in various industries, including publishing, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Dr. Ghose specialises in Diabetes Care, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Management, Medical Writing, and Insurance Operations. He has held significant positions in well-known hospitals, APCER Life Sciences, Novartis, and Nature Research.

Dr. Hardik Bambhania

8 Years of Experience MBBS, MD

Dr. Hardik Bambhania, a committed Diabetologist at Shri K.V.O. Manav Seva Kendra Navneet Hi-tech Hospital in Mumbai, prioritises comprehensive diabetes care. He brings extensive experience in counselling patients, conducting thorough examinations, and making precise diagnoses. Dr. Bambhania empowers individuals with the knowledge they need for effective management, emphasising quality patient care. Additionally, he holds experience as a Dubai Health Authority Registration Holder in Specialist Family Medicine.

Dr. U.V. Rao

Synergy Diabetes, BLR F DIAB, MBBS

Dr. Rao is a General Physician with 21 years of overall experience and a special interest in Diabetology. He provides unique medical, educational, and support services to individuals with diabetes. Dr. Rao offers comprehensive diabetes and complication management, including specialized clinics such as diabetes heart clinic, diabetes eye clinic, diabetes in pregnancy clinic, and diabetes foot clinic. Additionally, he runs an insulin pump clinic and provides diabetes and nutrition services, lifestyle services, and preventive diabetes services.

Dr. Vijay Kumar

Cloudnine, BLR DM, MBBS

Dr. Vijay Kumar is a Diabetologist at Cloudnine Hospital Bellandur in Bangalore. He has 12 years of experience in Diabetology. He completed his MBBS from Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Tumkur, and obtained his Doctor of Medicine in Internal Medicine from Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Previously, he worked at Manipal Hospital as a Junior Consultant Physician and Registrar. Dr. Vijay has also been associated with Chanre Institute of Rheumatology and Immunology and Northwick Surgery.

Dr. Guneet Chopra

11 Years of Experience General Physician, Diabetologist

Dr. Guneet Chopra, a seasoned Diabetologist, General Physician, and Geneticist, has dedicated over 11 years to Nahar Medical Center. Known for excellence in patient consultation, management, and diabetes care, I've led patient care initiatives, conducted workshops, and co-authored influential books on Stem Cell Therapy. My contributions to scientific journals underscore my dedication to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes.

Dr. Damanjit Duggal

25 Years of Experience MBBS, MD

Dr. Damanjit Duggal is a seasoned Physician and Critical Care specialist with over 25 years of experience. She has vast expertise as a Basic and Advanced Life Support instructor and an eligible IDCCM and Respiratory Medicine teacher. Dr Duggal has led Intensive Care Units at prestigious institutions like BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Kolkata, Sri Ramachandra Medical College Chennai, and Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. She's known for her contributions to medical literature. She is a Consultant in Medicine and Critical Care at Ruby Hall and Sahyadri Hospitals Pune, demonstrating a commitment to advancing patient care and medical knowledge.

Dr. Mohammad Suleman Hussain

Consultant Diabetologist, MBBS

Dr Mohammad Suleman Hussain is a Consultant Diabetologist at Idea Clinics in Hyderabad, with clinics in Malakpet and Chanchalguda. With 9 years of experience, he specialises in treating Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Mohammad organises Diabetes Screening and awareness programs and is keenly interested in Diabetes, Obesity, and Thyroid Disorders. He is dedicated to providing quality and affordable healthcare. Dr. Mohammad holds certifications from prestigious institutions, including Queen Mary University, London, and Harvard Medical School, USA. He is open to learning and professional discussions and is committed to delivering exceptional patient care.

Dr. Dwarakanath C.S.

MBBS, MD, DM (Endocrinology)

Dr. Dwarakanath C.S. is an Endocrinologist in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, with 37 years of experience overall and 25 years as a specialist. He completed MBBS from JJMMC, Davanagere in 1984, MD - General Medicine from Mysore Medical College, Mysore in 1990, and DM - Endocrinology from AIIMS, New Delhi in 1996. Dr. Dwarakanath is a member of the Karnataka Medical Council and the Indian Medical Association (IMA). He offers services including Thyroid Swelling, Diabetes Management for adults and children, Gestational Diabetes Management, and bioidentical hormone therapies for men and women.

Dr. Soujanya Manthripragada

13+ Years of Experience MBBS, DNB (Family medicine)

Dr. Manthripragada holds various accreditations and educational qualifications, including an MBBS from ASRAMS College, N.T.R University, a DNB in Family Medicine from Apollo Hospitals, and a Fellowship in Diabetology from the Indian Medical Association. With over thirteen years in the field, she is skilled in providing comprehensive healthcare, disease diagnosis, and management. Dr. Manthripragada is dedicated to providing quality patient care and has extensive experience in both clinical practice and research.

Best Diabetologists in your cities

Frequently Asked Questions

A diabetologist is the best doctor for diabetes management who specialises in the study of endocrinology and other endocrine disorders. At Breathe Well-being, we have a network of top diabetologists in Patna who hold industry-best qualifications and years of experience in the relevant field. Our diabetologists have helped thousands of people regain their health and achieve successful diabetes reversal within months.

Our diabetologist in Patna will provide you with the best treatment plan and advice for a medicine-free approach to diabetes management. You don’t have to pay any consultation fee since you’ll get regular one-on-one assistance from our doctors and nutritionists when you opt for our diabetes reversal plan.

There’s no single ‘best diabetologist’ but a robust network of leading diabetologists in Patna certified and experienced in treating diabetes. At Breathe Well-being, we have renowned diabetologists like Dr Subhanshu Gupta, Dr Pawan Goyal, and Dr Rakesh Sood, who have devised custom diabetes reversal plans for patients based on their health condition and medical history.

Top diabetologists in Patna provide comprehensive services, including diabetes diagnosis, personalised treatment plans, CGM (Continuous glucose monitoring), lifestyle counselling, medicine elimination, and guidance on preventive measures to manage the condition effectively.

Consult a diabetologist in Patna if you experience symptoms like excessive thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, or have risk factors such as a family history of diabetes.

Diabetologists in Patna employ a holistic approach, emphasising lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and exercise. While medication may be necessary in some cases, the goal is often to achieve optimal diabetes management through non-pharmacological measures.

For diabetes-specific concerns, consulting a diabetologist in Patna is advisable. They specialise in managing diabetes and can provide targeted expertise compared to a general physician, ensuring comprehensive care for your condition.

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