Dr. Anupam Ghose

Dr Anupam Ghose is a physician by training. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. Dr Anupam is a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist having experience of above 17 years in different industries such as publishing, pharmaceutical, insurance, and CROs. He has vast experience in medico-marketing; KOL management; developing high-quality manuscripts for international journals, abstracts, posters, newsletters, and slide-decks; and diabetes care. Dr. Ghose also worked as a Junior Resident at reputed hospitals in New Delhi viz. Lady Hardinge Medical College and Hospital, Safdarjung Hospital and AIIMS. His specialities include Diabetes Care, KOL Management, Medical Editing and Writing, Medical Marketing Communications, and Insurance Operations.


  • Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, 2019
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise, 2019
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, ICFAI, 2013
  • MBBS, Medicine & Surgery, Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College, 2004
  • Higher Secondary, St Edmund's College, 1996
  • ICSE, St Edmund's School, 1994


May 2021 – Present, Founder and President, DIAAFIT, Faridabad, Haryana, India Sep 2019 – Present, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness)
  • Engaging in physical activity is essential for health and wellness, but it is only half the battle. Good nutrition is paramount to a well-rounded fitness routine and is a key factor in living a healthier life. As an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, he helps in making healthier, long-lasting food choices through nutrition education and behaviour change.
  • As an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, he is armed with essential behaviour change strategies paired with science-backing nutrition information to help a person become more knowledgeable about nutrition and develop life-long dietary habits that will lead to better health.
Aug 2019 – Present, Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists
  • If a person has diabetes, he or she knows how challenging it can be to manage. He or she is expected to eat a healthy and balanced diet, get plenty of physical activity, monitor his or her blood glucose (sugar) throughout the day, take their medications as prescribed, and do all of this to reduce your risk for complications. At times it might seem overwhelming, but a person can thrive with diabetes, and a diabetes care and education specialist can help.
  • As a member of the diabetes care team, a diabetes care and education specialist works with the patient to develop a management plan that fits his or her lifestyle, beliefs, and culture. They’ll help him or her understand how to use devices like meters, insulin pens, pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring devices; and use the information from these devices and lifestyle to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement.
  • Diabetes education provided by a diabetes care and education specialist can help people with all types of diabetes better manage their blood glucose, develop coping skills to address the daily challenges of the disease, reduce the risks for complications, decrease costs by reducing or eliminating the need for medications and emergency room visits, and help find and access cost-savings programs.
Apr 2017 – Aug 2019, Senior Manager Medical Writing, APCER Life Sciences, New Delhi Area, India
  • Draft/review manuscripts, abstracts, posters, newsletters, slide decks and other scientific writing deliverables.
  • Assess and develop strategies to meet productivity and quality objectives.
  • Provide coaching, mentoring, and feedback on regular basis to team members.
  • Maintain a positive, results-oriented work environment, building partnerships and modelling teamwork.
  • Participate in client meetings, review client needs, and assesses resource/skills requirements for delivering the desired outcome.
  • Provide strategic input and actively support and leverage business opportunities within existing and/or new clients in collaboration with Sales, Business Development and Account Management teams.
May 2015 – Mar 2017, Manager Medical Writing, APCER Life Sciences, New Delhi Area, India
  • Compiles/writes/reviews writing deliverables with minimal supervision
  • Team management: Trains and mentors medical writers on the creation of newer document types, different therapeutic areas. Ensures quality and on-time performance of medical writing for direct reports
  • Interacts with clients pertaining to medical writing services, identify bottlenecks, resolves issues, and ensures client satisfaction
  • Develops and/or updates pertinent medical writing standards, processes, and templates
  • Reviews documents/reports for scientific content, completeness and accuracy assuring consistency across medical writing documents and recommending changes, as appropriate
  • Adheres to established regulatory standards, including but not limited to ICH-E3 guidelines, as well as company SOPs, client standards, and company and/or client-approved templates when completing medical writing projects, on-time and on-budget
Nov 2013 – May 2015, Senior Scientific Writer – II, Novartis, Hyderabad Area, India
  • Prepare literature review, abstracts, posters, slide sets, and manuscripts (complex) working from various data sources including clinical study reports, patient profiles, protocols etc.
  • Perform quality control checking/proofreading of the above-mentioned deliverables to meet customer expectations.
  • Manage multiple projects of different brands at any given time. Obtain feedback from customers and implement customer management tactics.
  • Comply with and support the group’s project management tool, standards, policies and initiatives.
  • Maintain records for all assigned projects including archiving. Maintains audit, SOP and training compliance.
  • Train new joiners, fellow colleagues as and when required.
May 2009 – Oct 2013, Asst Publishing Manager, Nature Research (Publishing) Full-time, Gurgaon, India
  • Interact with medical practitioners in India and worldwide for the medical needs of the market and clinical practitioners.
  • Build and manage a KOL panel in different specialities with the top-notch authors in the medical arena in the country.
  • Review/edit manuscripts to ensure quality and accuracy. Liaise with proofreaders/designers to agree on client/author comments to be incorporated at the production stage.
  • Interact with the internal team to develop a platform for e-books. To develop online medical education modules in various specialities that will be available on the Macmillan portal.
May 2008 – May 2009, Assistant Manager – Operations, MetLife
  • Analyze, review and clinically manage health-related disabilities. Provide technical insight and advice.
  • Manage an assigned caseload of complex cases including the application of specialized training/knowledge to the assessment of cases.
  • Review, record, and analyze medical records, therapy notes, and treatment plans data to make claims settlement determination.
  • Provide recommendations to the team regarding employees' current or potential functional abilities.
Sep 2007 – May 2008, Medical Content Developer, Elsevier, New Delhi
  • Develop significantly referenced and in-depth education materials such as newsletters, monographs, reviews, case studies, compendia and product brochures.
  • Deliver medical and scientific text for patient education and compliance (patient education booklets, leaflets and flyers, posters, etc.).
  • Interface with clients for ascertaining requirements and delivering appropriate product solutions.
  • Interact with prominent doctors (KOLs) to frame interesting case reports, opinions and disease based articles.
Jun 2006 – Aug 2007, Associate - Scientific Writing, Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Develop scientific medical content (e.g., newsletters) rated high on depth, comprehensiveness, quality, and timelines.
  • Interface with clients on a regular basis.
  • Control/reduce the cost of content development, cycle times, and defect rates in all the projects.

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