Side Effects of Sugar Free Natura

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Using sugar free products is on the rise. This is because sugar poses a hell of a lot of problems when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. With diabetes patients rising in India and worldwide, sugar is a big no for them! Even the World Health Organisation recommends the consumption of sugars to less than 10% of their total daily calorie intake. The association of high sugar consumption with obesity is closely linked. With such dangers lurking around high sugar consumption, low-calorie sweeteners came into the spotlight in the mid-twentieth century. However, with the new product hitting the market, many rumours surrounded it. In this blog, we will find out the side effects (if any) of Sugar Free Natura in detail. So, let’s begin and clear the air out.

Sugar Free Natura Ingredients

Sugar Free Natura Ingredients

The active ingredient of Sugar Free Natura is sucralose. It is an organochlorine sweetener. It is 385 to 659 times sweeter than sucrose or regular sugar. The following are the benefits of sucralose:

Zero Calories

Sucralose is non-nutritive, meaning it provides sweetness without contributing any calories to your diet. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to reduce calorie intake or manage weight.


Since the body does not metabolise sucralose, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. This makes it a safe choice for individuals with diabetes or those aiming to control their blood sugar.

Heat Stability

Sucralose remains stable at high temperatures, making it suitable for cooking and baking. Unlike some other sweeteners, it doesn’t break down or lose sweetness when exposed to heat, allowing for versatile use in various culinary applications.


Sucralose does not contribute to tooth decay, as it is not fermented by oral bacteria to produce acids that can harm teeth. This is a positive aspect of oral health.

No Aftertaste

Many people find that sucralose has a clean and neutral taste without the bitter aftertaste associated with some other artificial sweeteners like saccharin or aspartame. Despite these benefits, it’s imperative to use sucralose in absolute moderation.

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Side Effects of Sugar Free Natura

Safety is a top concern regarding artificial sweeteners like Sugar Free Natura. However, despite all these surrounding Sugar Free Natura, the main fact is very clear. Since it’s made of sucralose, it doesn’t cause a rise in blood sugar. To date, there are no proven side effects of Sugar Free Natura. Well, there is no condition that you consume it in moderation.

However, there are many myths surrounding Sugar Free Natura sweetener powder. These include glucose intolerance, high chances of heart attacks, cancer and diabetes, weight gain, etc. All the above-claimed side effects are good enough to stir an alarming hysteria, but no research can prove them. On the contrary, according to a report published by The Hindu National Cancer Institute, low-calorie sweeteners like sucralose are American FDA-approved and by no chance associated with cancerin cell production that causes cancer.

Another report classifies sweeteners used in Sugar-Free Products, including Natura, under the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) category. Furthermore, according to The Hindu, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has conducted a comprehensive review of low-calorie sweeteners, including Sugar-Free Natura. The EFSA has found that low-calorie sweeteners are completely safe for consumption. However, they would be best if consumed in moderate amounts.

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Safety Status of Sugar Free Natura in India

Each and every artificial and natural sweeteners have to go through a long list of safety and regulatory tests. It is the responsibility of the safety and regulatory authorities to make sure that all the sweeteners in the market are absolutely safe for consumption. Therefore, all the sweeteners, including Sugar Free Natura, go through a long list of legal and safety permissions. Similarly, toxicology studies are conducted on these sweeteners, which may take several years to complete. In India, the calorie sweeteners like Sugar Free Natura are approved by FSSAI only after passing these tests.

Talking to The Hindu, Dr Rebeca Lopez, who is a Toxicology Expert, said:

“We know that low-calorie sweeteners are safe because, as food additives, they have to go through an extensive evaluation to get legally approved. So even if each country has its own systems, basically, the protocols are the same. The evaluation starts with simple studies on molecules and moves to complex studies where their digestion, excretion, and effect on the body are studied. If, at any point during the evaluation process, the molecule shows a toxic effect, no further studies are conducted, and the product never enters the market. Toxicology studies are conducted based on internationally approved protocols and sometimes take up to 20 years to complete. After completion of all studies, international or local authorities look into these petitions and also call for international data. After a profound analysis of all the data available, authorities come up with recommendations.”

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In conclusion, there are no proven side effects of Sugar Free Natura. The sweetener is FDA and FSSAI-approved and is absolutely safe to use. Moderate and measured consumption of Sugar Free Natura will bring you no discomfort. However, there may be rare cases where some may complain of upset gut biome balance or indigestion. Such individuals should avoid and get in touch with doctors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which sugar free has no side effects?

Following are the artificial sugar-free sweeteners that have been approved by the FDA:
Sucralose (used in Sugar Free Natura)
Acesulfame potassium

Is sugar free safe for daily use?

Yes, sugar free products, including Gold and Natura, are absolutely safe for daily use. These artificial sweeteners have been marked safe by FSSAI. However, just adhere to the daily safe limits and consume them in measured amounts.

Which artificial sweetener is safest?

The United States’ top food safety organisation FDA (Food and Drug Administration), has approved six NNS sweeteners to be safest. The six safest artificial sweeteners are:

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