How To Pick The Right Shoes For The Right Workout

All pumped to work your butt off in a grueling session at the gym? Wait, look at your feet – are you wearing the right shoes?

Just like you choose the perfect gym wear to facilitate a comfortable workout, you must also pick appropriate footwear that prevents injuries and increases comfort. Perhaps, picking the right shoe is more important than picking the right clothes, because your feet are subjected to a lot of pressure during workouts. Plus, wearing wrong shows can have consequences­—strains, fractures, Metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot) etc.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you pick the right shows when working out. And here’s how you can do that…

Check the grip

When you lift weights during strength training, you need a firm grip for your feet, so they stay flat on the ground. Especially when you lift heavier weights, you need the right form, which comes with shoes that have a good grip.

Look for support

The cushioning factor is another essential addition to your shoe checklist. For your high-impact cardio and strength training activities, you need shoes that provide support and cushioning to your feet and ankles.

Stay light yet strong

Bulky, heavy shoes are counterproductive during both cardio and weight training. They can also overheat your feet. Your workout shoes shouldn’t weigh you down, so go for shoes that provide support without adding a lot of bulk.

Keep another pair for running

It’s good to buy a separate pair of running shoes for outdoor running as well as indoor treadmill time. These shoes are specifically designed to prevent feet from rolling inward during sprinting, provide shock absorption and improve stability.

Remember, before you take your brand new shoes to the gym, test them by walking around for a day or playing a game to ensure they deliver on what they promise!

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