Avoid 5 Most Common Summer Health Problems

Summer is here, and it should be all about enjoying chilled drinks, heading on vacations and getting comfortable in summer dresses and shorts! However, for some people, summertime can be tough due to the health problems it comes with. Don’t let the heat spoil your health and mood this season – here are five health issues to keep at bay.


Sunburn: To prevent sunburn, the number one item on your summer shopping checklist should be a good sunscreen that suits your skin type. And wear sunglasses if you have to step out during the day, preferably a UV protected one. Also, wear a wide-brimmed hat or carry an umbrella to avoid direct exposure to the scorching sun and UV rays.


Heat rash: Prickly heat rash is an itchy, painful and extremely uncomfortable condition. Children are most susceptible to it. This problem occurs when the sweat glands get blocked and end up swollen. This prevents evaporation of the sweat leading to inflammation that becomes a rash. They look like tiny blisters or pimples on the skin, mainly around the areas that are covered with clothing, where there’s no room for air circulation. While most often, heat rash is harmless, in some cases the rash can result in pain, swelling and pus, in which case you should get medical help.

It can be avoided by wearing loose-fitting clothes and using fan or air conditioning to facilitate circulation of air. You can also keep your skin cool and dry with powders specially designed for summer.


Food poisoning: The warm weather is a haven for bacteria to grow and multiply in food. Ensure you cook meat thoroughly, and store leftover perishable food in the refrigerator to thwart food-borne illnesses.


Heat stroke: Also termed as hypothermia, this condition is a result of too much heat exposure, resulting in dizziness, headaches and exhaustion. Keep cool with lots of water or sports drinks, especially when you are outdoors.


Asthma attacks: Humidity, mold growth and high pollen levels during summer can trigger asthma attacks. Always carry your medications with you and try to stay indoors whenever possible.


With a little extra care, you can be safe, healthy and happy during any season. So keep these tips in mind and beat the heat this summer!



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