6 Health benefits of dance workout

Do you have to drag yourself to your gym every day? And when you’re there, are you tired of those boring songs playing in your gymnasium? Or when your favourite song plays, and you can’t break into dance? Well how about if we told you, you can dance and workout at the same time. Put on your dance shoes as we take you through the benefits of a dance workout.

A Stress Buster

A dance workout really eases the stress from work, with little strain on the body and complete energy to the brain it’s a good stress buster. It makes you happier. And let’s face it, we all need a stress buster.

Fat Burn

Dancing involves complete use of the body and hence, fat burning is possible in places your gym instructor is still looking for.

Stronger Bones and Lubricated Joints

While dancing, your body moved in beautiful rhythmic movements, as a result, lubricating the joints in your body. Dance is also very useful in strengthening the bones.

Blood Flow Increase

Dance workout just like most other workouts, increases the blood flow in the body, while also keeping the blood pressure under control.

Increased Balance and Flexibility

When you dance, you enable your body to find its center of gravity and hence increase the balance, along the way. It also increases your body flexibility, as dancing causes all major muscle groups to be flexed and worked out well.

It’s Socially Satisfying

Dancing in a group is always more fun than working out in a gym alone. It creates a sense of belongingness with your fellow dancers, further motivating you to not skip your dance workout sessions.

So, whatever dance styles you’d like to try your hand…err…leg at — Zumba, Hip-Hop, Contemporary or a combination of different styles, we encourage you to go ahead, give it a try. Chances are you’ll start enjoying your workouts more, and also make yourself a happy, healthy and extremely fit dancer.



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