Vildagliptin Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Interaction and Contraindications

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Belonging to the class of anti-diabetic medications and known as DPP-4 inhibitors, Vildagliptin tablets are advised to be consumed only once a day. It may be consumed with another anti-diabetic drug ‘Metformin’.

When taken, this drug, in combination with metformin hydrochloride uses shows significant improvements in glycemic control. It lowers the risk of hypoglycemia. This drug has been found very potent in helping a type-2 diabetes patient improve his/her glycemic control.

People who take vildagliptin along with sulfonylurea or insulin treatment have also shown clinically relevant improvements in glycemic control.

Basically, vildagliptin is an anti-diabetic medicine that functions by raising insulin release from the pancreas and aids in reducing fasting and post-meal sugar levels.


Vildagliptin is an anti-diabetic medication, usually prescribed in combination with sulfonylurea or insulin, to help the consumer in getting glycemic control.

Uses of Vildagliptin Tablets

According to the European Medicine Agency, vildagliptin is used for treating diabetes or controlling blood sugar. It is advised to consume with a proper diet, and performing exercise is a must if you are on this drug. The drug, combined with a healthy diet and adequate physical activity, helps in keeping the blood glucose levels in check. Being an anti-diabetic drug, it helps the pancreas to release more insulin. Regular consumption of Vildagliptin helps in reducing fasting and post-meal sugar levels.

The drug has to be taken only after:

  • Reading the printed information carefully
  • Knowing about the procedure
  • Consuming it as directed by your doctor
  • The normal dosage for a 50-gram tablet should be taken twice a day. But depending on your other medications, your doctor may instruct you about your doses.


Vildagliptin 50 MG / 500 MG tablet is a very common medication for type-2 diabetes patients. It should be taken along with healthy eating habits and a sufficient amount of physical activity for optimal results. Taking it without consulting a physician is not recommended.

Side Effects of Vildagliptin Tablets

Side Effects of Vildagliptin Tablets

According to the Yashoda Hospital website, some of the side effects that a person can get after consuming Vildagliptin are:

  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Weakness
  • Cough
  • Heartburn
  • Swelling of face, eyelids and lips
  • Excessive Sweating

It must be noted that if the patient suffers from common side effects, then he/she should not take it without telling the doctor. The doctor will evaluate your condition, and the side effects will disappear automatically within a few days. But if any serious side effects persist in the body, then the patients should consult the doctor immediately.

It is advised to consult the doctor if you have a history of being allergic to any ingredient used in Vildagliptin. If the patient suffers from an allergy, kidney problems, or hepatic impairments, then immediate medical help is required.

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The most common side effects of Vildagliptin are headache, weakness, excessive sweating, hypoglycemia, cough, and heartburn. If the patient experiences any common side effects, he/she is not advised to stop the medication without telling the doctor, but in case of any serious side effects, consulting a doctor immediately is highly recommended.

Missed Dose of Vildagliptin Tablets

As soon as you remember, you can take your missed dose.  You must skip your missed dose only if it is the time to take your next dose. You are not supposed to take an additional dose to compensate for a missed dose as it may cause complications.

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Overdose of Vildagliptin Tablets

According to Medicover Hospitals, an overdose of Vildagliptin can lead to serious side effects. These include irregular heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, and trouble breathing.


  • Do not keep Vildagliptin in direct sunlight, air, or light.
  • Make sure the medicine is kept in a safe place and away from children.
  • Exposure to the medication can lead to harmful effects.
  • Keep Vildagliptin at room temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Warnings associated with Vildagliptin Medicine


Women who are pregnant are advised only to consume this drug after consulting with the doctor. The European Commission recommends avoiding the usage of vildagliptin during pregnancy. Discuss the benefits and complications with your health practitioner before taking this drug. Depending upon your condition, your doctor will suggest you an alternative drug.

Lactating Mothers

Women who are breastfeeding are advised not to take this drug as it may pass into the breast milk and lead to serious side effects in infants. Therefore Mary Ant Liebert Inc. Hospitals recommends no usage of vildagliptin during lactation. Taking this drug without consulting with your doctor is strictly prohibited.


Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not advised to take this medication if their doctor hasn’t recommended it, as it may cause harm to the baby.


All drugs have a different type of interaction depending upon who is taking it. Consulting a doctor to evaluate the chances of all kinds of possible interactions is mandatory before starting with any drug.

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Interaction With Alcohol

It is advised to discuss this with your health practitioner before consuming alcohol with this medicine, as it can increase the risk of other diseases.

Interaction with Medicine

The Vildagliptin tab interacts with the below-mentioned medicines:

  • Aripiprazole
  • Dopamine
  • Gatifloxacin
  • Acetazolamide
  • Clozapine
  • Dexamethasone
  • Bexarotene


Patients who are already taking some kind of medication should not take this drug unless it has been prescribed by their doctor. You are also advised to speak with your doctor first before consuming alcohol if you are taking this drug.

Onset of Action

There is not enough clinical research to determine the exact time required for the medicine to show its action.

Duration Of Effect

It is also not proven how long the medicine remains effective inside the consumer.

Is it Habit Forming?

The research has proven that the people who took this drug did not show any tendency to habit-forming. Moreover, the Practo website also confirms the same.

When should you not take it?

When should you not take it?


People who have a history of allergy to vildagliptin or any of its ingredients are advised to avoid taking it.

Type I Diabetes Mellitus

People who are suffering from type-1 diabetes mellitus are not advised to take this medicine as it is not found to be effective in its treatment.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

This drug should be avoided if the patient has a history of diabetic ketoacidosis. According to the European Medicines Agency, vildagliptin is a big no for type 1 diabetics and for patients of diabetic ketoacidosis. This is because research has proven that it may lead to complications in such patients.

Hepatic Impairment

Patients who have a known history of hepatic impairment should also avoid this medication as it increases the chances of adverse effects for the patient.


Vildagliptin Tablets should be avoided if you have a known history of allergy to the medicine or any of its ingredients. Moreover, people with type-1 diabetes, diabetes ketoacidosis, and hepatic impairment should also avoid it completely as it may cause adverse effects.

Interaction With Diseases


Vildagliptin 50 MG / 500 MG tablet should be taken very cautiously in patients suffering from pancreatitis. In case of abdominal pain, vomiting, or nausea, consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor might also ask you to stop taking therapy with the medication based on the condition of the patient.

Heart Diseases

Patients suffering from cardiac problems are advised not to consume this drug without consulting their doctor. According to the Science Direct Health website, it can worsen the patient’s condition. Your doctor will advise you of some suitable alternatives based on the condition of the patient.


This drug may cause problems for patients who are suffering from pancreatitis or heart disease. Hence, it is advisable to talk to your doctor first before taking this medicine if you suffer from any of these diseases.

Below is the table showing the effects of oral Diabetic medicines on HbA1C, weight, and Hypoglycemia:

Metformin High Weight Loss Low
Sulphonylureas High Weight Gain High
Pioglitazone High Weight Gain Low
Vildagliptin Intermediate No Change Low


Patients in the state of ketoacidosis are advised not to take Vildagliptin. Women who are pregnant or are lactating mothers should not take this drug without a doctor’s prescription, as it can cause severe side effects.

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When should I take Vildagliptin?

If you’ve been prescribed vildagliptin, take it first thing in the morning. Take the first dose in the morning and the second dose in the evening if you’ve been advised to take two doses every day. Vildagliptin tablets may be taken before, during, or after meals.

Is vildagliptin better than metformin?

Vildagliptin is a significant and well-tolerated treatment option for older patients with type 2 diabetes, showing comparable glycemic regulation to metformin but with better GI tolerability.

What are the uses of Vildagliptin Tablet?

Vildagliptin is an oral medication used to control type-2 diabetes. It is an anti-hyperglycaemic agent of DDP-4 class of drugs. This medicine is used to control diabetes; it is not a cure. You should consult your doctor before changing the dose.


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