Is Coconut Milk Good For Diabetics?

Last updated on September 9th, 2022

Coconut milk is good for diabetics or not, in this article, we will discuss in great detail about its glycemic index, daily intake, recipes, and side effects. Coconut milk originates from the coconut flesh It is available in 2 major forms:

  • A thicker form is known as coconut cream. It is commonly utilized in rich sauces or desserts.
  • A more fluid form, consisting of more extra water. It may be utilized as a direct alternative to milk and due to this coconut water is also good for diabetes

The more fluid form of coconut milk characteristically contains fewer calories in comparison to semi-skimmed milk. Yet, a greater number of calories are present in the thicker form of coconut milk. And, extra care is required with respect to the portion sizes.

What is Coconut Milk?

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Coconut milk is nourishing and rich too. Its extraction is done from the meaty white part of the ripe coconut. It contains several vital vitamins and minerals making it an outstanding product inclusively. Coconut constitutes a number of uses, and of this fruit, each portion can be utilized for making something or else. Coconut milk is constituted of healthful compounds, however, is also very tasty in comparison to regular milk options. The texture and thick constancy make coconut milk an excellent inclusion in soups, curries, sauces, and other dishes.

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Nutrition in Coconut Milk

Below is a table stating the nutritional ingredients available in coconut milk and their particular amounts:

Nutritional Facts Of Coconut Milk
Nutrients in One Cup Amount Available(mg/dl)
Calories 445
Fats 48gm
Water 165gm
Carbs 6gm
Proteins 4.5gm
Pottasium 497mg
Magnesium 105mg
Calcium 40mg
Iron 7.5mg
Vitamin C 2mg


The richness of vitamins and minerals is adequate to say that coconut milk is good for diabetics and extremely healthful. It suits well various types of cuisines or components in anybody’s favorite snack or meal.

Is Coconut Milk Good for Diabetics?

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When the topic of coconut comes up, it is a brilliant thing for any person with high blood sugar. Coconut is a super-food for any person with diabetes. However, is it similar to the milk pressed of coconuts? Coconut milk is a somewhat complicated food product for any diabetic. It possesses powerful nutrients beneficial for a diabetic person. Simultaneously, coconut milk is rich in fat. People with type-2 diabetes must have coconut milk only in moderate and limited amounts. Else, coconut milk’s effects might be detrimental to glucose levels. The problems of adding coconut milk start with its too high-fat content. Diabetics are recommended to consume a controlled quantity of all the nutrients. Yet, the fat content of this milk variety might be in excess of the limit according to a diabetic’s health.

Excess fat leads to the development of an accumulation of it. In addition to that, it is also harmful to one’s cholesterol levels. In combination, this can have an overall detrimental effect and cause many health risks. Moreover, some coconut milk varieties that are available in markets are often found with added sugars. Naturally occurring coconut milk is free from extra sugars. Coconut milk is good for diabetics and is a better option to opt for. It won’t exert an immense impact on glucose levels. Let’s take a glance at the Glycemic concept of Coconut milk. This would give a better understanding of why coconut milk is a tricky product to add to a diabetic diet.

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Can Diabetics Eat Coconut?

Depending upon the above-stated nutrients, a person may say that coconut is good for diabetic patients. Yet, it is also vital to note the presence of fats and carbs in it. Any kind of food comprising a rich amount of fat and carbs might create a huge impact on a person’s normal blood glucose levels. It is a fact that coconut is one of the well-known superfoods. Also, it may offer many health benefits, however, an excess intake of this milk extract might be dangerous, particularly for diabetic individuals. For this reason, it is highly advisable to use coconut milk within limits. As it contains several nutrients that a person looks for does not signify that a person always has to use it or abuse it. Always note that excessive use or intake of anything might be crucial or disturbing.

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Glycemic Index of Coconut Milk

The coconut glycemic index is 42. Coconut milk glycemic index is quite high i.e., 97. This is a high value and might cause intensely high blood glucose levels. In contrast to coconut milk, regular cow milk contains a lower Glycemic Index value of only 47. Portion sizes are a big concern. Even with food products that are not advisable for people with diabetes, if a person may healthily employ the portion sizes, it might be taken easily. The Glycemic Load is an improved and accurate indicator of whether a specific food product is safe to be added to a diabetic diet or not. It is more appropriate as it considers the amount of food item that is consumed.

The coconut milk glycemic load is low, which is only 4.81. This is a low score and might show that the glucose levels would spike. This spike might be at a very slow speed, which might be harmless for people with high sugar levels. Numerous experiments have found that the effects of coconut on diabetic glucose levels are very safe and effective. They fail to elevate the blood sugars at once, however, keep them stable and regularize the inner working with a continuous energy supply to the body. Furthermore, it has been assumed that porridge prepared to utilize coconut milk is low in GI and GL. It has a GI value between 30 to 35. It is a safe and rather miraculous cereal, snack, or dinner alternative for sugar patients.

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Daily Limit of Coconut Milk for Diabetic Patients

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A person might be knowing that coconut milk is good for diabetics. And, people require to consume it in a controlled amount. But what are these controlled amounts? Let us understand. It is better to adhere to a moderate quantity of only two cups per day. It is a safe and sufficient quantity to please a person’s cereal bowl demands. Preferably, it is good not to consume coconut milk on a daily basis, two to three times a week is a proper frequency. People may add it with a healthy smoothie, cereals, or oatmeal. Also, people may add it to soups to make them creamier.


With respect to the daily intake, the most advisable amount is two cups of any coconut milk product per day. That amount is what doctors assume is safe and harmless for intake on a daily basis. People may also mix coconut milk in their daily oatmeal or smoothie.

Benefits of Coconut Milk

Is coconut milk good for health? In limits, coconut milk might have health benefits, but its excess intake might have a few unwanted effects. Coconut milk comprises rich amounts of calories and fats. A combination of high consumption of coconut milk with a carb-rich diet may give rise to weight gain.

Top health benefits include:

Augments Insulin Sensitivity

The presence of Medium-chain Triglycerides helps to increase insulin sensitivity. This, consequently, results in improved insulin functioning and maintains the blood sugars in the body.

Coconut Milk for Weight Loss

Coconut milk is a great way of adding food products that are great for managing a healthy and typical weight. The incidence of MCTs is helpful in keeping the weight controlled.

Coconut for Heart Health

Also, coconut milk may benefit the heart in several ways. It might not aid in reducing the good cholesterol however, certainly aids to improve the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Yet, a person must ensure to add healthy amounts.

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Improves Immunity

The obtainability of several nutrients and minerals is excellent for the overall health of a person. It helps to improve immunity and guards against ailments.

Coconut Milk Good for Hair and Skin Health

Also, coconut milk is being used in Ayurveda and cosmetics to supplement the health of skin and hair. It contains remarkable hydrating benefits.

Coconut Milk Recipe of Porridge for People with Diabetes


  • Coconut milk: one cup
  • Water: two cups
  • Oats: one cup
  • Vanilla: one teaspoon
  • Cinnamon: half teaspoon


  • Take a saucepan and boil the oats in water.
  • Water will get absorbed in the oats.
  • Turn off the gas. Then, add coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon to the boiled oats.
  • Once again, turn on the heat, and over a low flame, mix milk and the oats until the constancy becomes creamy.
  • Add diabetic-friendly fruits over the oats. This would make the cereal even healthier.

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Coconut Milk Side Effects

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Coconut is potentially safe for intake when consumed within limits. Also, it is safe when utilized as a medicine. In a few adults and kids, consuming coconuts may result in an allergic reaction. Signs might involve breathing problems and skin rashes.


A diabetes diagnosis restricts a person’s food intake. Thus, it is better to contact a healthcare expert and ask if something that a person likes is safe for his or her condition. Also, it is good to follow the treatment towards a better and safe recovery.


Does coconut contain high potassium content?

Coconut is a fruit containing rich amounts of potassium. This implies that a person must limit or avoid it on a low-potassium meal plan. If a person might have standard quantities of potassium, coconut constitutes a great source of nutrients, healthful fats, and plant substances that improve one’s health.

Who must not drink coconut milk?

People at risk of high cholesterol and heart problems must not take too much coconut milk due to its saturated fat content.

Is coconut milk safe for renal health?

Coconut milk might be a helpful dairy alternative for people with chronic kidney disease depending on low sodium, potassium, and oxalate.

Is coconut sugar good for diabetes?

In relation to coconut as a sugar alternative, coconut palm sugar contains a low GI score. However, the ADA states that a person must treat it the same as regular sugar as it consists of a similar quantity of carbs and calories.

Can I drink coconut milk every day?

People can take coconut milk in moderation (up to two times per week). Yet, its excess consumption might give some objectionable effects.


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