6 Simple Exercises to Regulate Your Blood Pressure

Last updated on August 26th, 2022

Are pressures rising at work? Can’t get around to what’s happening? Is your blood pressure also rising with this madness of daily monotony? As we all know, high blood pressure is not good for anyone, and over long periods of time it can be dangerous to the body. What we effectively need is to lower our blood pressure for a healthier lifestyle. Let’s look at some simple exercises that anyone can fit into their daily routine.

Deep Breathing

One of the simplest methods to lower blood pressure even while sitting at your office chair is a simple exercise of deep breathing, placing your index finger on one nostril, inhaling and then exhaling for 30 seconds. Then placing your index finger on the other nostril and inhaling and exhaling for another 30 seconds. Do this for a set of 2 minutes three times.


It goes without saying that walking increases the blood flow in your body, thus lowering your blood pressure. When you are at work, take the stairs. Walk to the printer, don’t beckon the office boy to get the print. Walk as much as you can because there are a lot of health risks that come with living a sedentary lifestyle, as you know already.

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Head And Leg Raise

One of the methods that yoga teaches us is this—where one lays on their stomach flat on the ground, maybe over a yoga mat or on your bed. Raise your head as much as you can off the floor and do the same with your limbs, in a position much like a skydiver. Hold this position for 10 seconds at a time, increasing the time as you get better at it.

Go out and play

Sports such as basketball, tennis, jogging, swimming, and also household chores such as cleaning and mopping the floor, can get your heart-pumping. 150 minutes of these aerobic exercises in a week will ensure your blood pressure stays within the normal range.


These are simple free hand exercises, like squats, sit ups, shoulder curls etc. All of which can be done in the comfort of your home.

Weight- training

Include a few minutes of weight training in your workout routine, as it works quite well in lowering blood pressure over the long-term, although, you may experience a temporary spike in BP when you lift very heavy weights.

While, exercise is a great way to ensure your high blood pressure stays within its limits, do not ignore certain signs. If you experience any pain or tightness in your chest, excessive fatigue, or difficulty in breathing, stop exercising immediately and seek medical help if the feeling persists.

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