Your Body Follows Your Mind – What Does it Mean?

Last updated on September 26th, 2022

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.’ – And vice versa. You may have heard that saying the umpteenth number of times, but it is important to know how the mind and the body are the two main constituents of your being. It is essential for your mind to back your body. Your mind is the willfulness that pushes the body to work. Hence, in order to attain a healthy body you have to first ensure your mental and emotional well-being.

You have had a long and eventful day, but you are doing just fine. But, if you keep thinking about how you should be feeling tired after such a long day, you will start feeling tired. Another instance, suppose a child who has injured his leg is taken to a doctor. Before the treatment starts, the doctor offers him a lozenge and tells him it’s medicinal and will soothe his pain. The child stops crying after eating it. He starts to feel better. Why? Because he made himself believe that he would feel better after having it. This only goes to show that your body actually responds to your mind.

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You can achieve a state of total healthiness by using the sheer power of your mind. Here’s how!

  1. Think positive, be optimistic– Studies have been conducted time and again which prove that optimistic people are less likely to fall sick. Being optimistic also boosts your immunity.
  2. Meditation– It should come as no surprise to you that stress can be lethal. Mental stress can lead to several diseases and can cause an early death. Meditation is one of the best ways to deal with stress. It not only keeps age-related diseases at bay, but also increases productivity and slows down the effects of ageing.
  3. Laugh whole-heartedly– It might seem strange, but laughing decreases the release of the stress hormones. It also increases the good cholesterol level in the body.
  4. The way you look at everything – Your mind is your gateway to the world. Your eyes merely help you see things, but it’s your mind that decides what to make of it. Some of us consider workouts to be a set of difficult physical movements that you must do if you’re to remain healthy. But, isn’t that a negative way of looking at it? What if, instead, you consider your workouts to be the time when you are one with your body, when you feel relaxed, when you do your bit to take care of yourself? In doing so, you’re more likely to follow your workout regime, without having to face resistance from your mind.
  5. Have a sense of purpose– Having a sense of purpose in life means that you want certain accomplishments. You have a reason to keep going everyday, work towards your goals. It will make you value yourself more, value your body more. You will take better care of it, therefore, increasing longevity of your healthy life.

You must not underestimate the incredibly powerful mind. Just have faith, believe that you’re going to be okay. And you will be. It’s all in the mind, after all.

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