Which Dal is Good for Diabetes Patients?

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Dealing with diabetes can be a real puzzle, especially when it comes to figuring out what to eat. Around 36.6 crore people were affected by diabetes in 2017. According to studies, this is expected to inflate to 55.2 crore by 2030. The importance of diet in diabetes management has been highlighted by various studies. Part of diet is choosing the right food. One key piece of the diet puzzle is lentils, or dal, which are a staple in many diets. But not all dals are equal when it comes to diabetes. So, let’s have a detailed insight about which dal is good for diabetes patients. After all, we’re here to help you make delicious and healthy choices for your diabetes journey.

Is Dal Good for Diabetes?

Lentils or dal are superfoods in your diabetes management journey. The nutritional profile of dal goes very well with the dietary requirements of diabetics. There are many studies that support the beneficial effects of lentil-based diets on diabetes patients. Dal and diabetes also help in decreasing cholesterol levels in individuals. A randomised clinical trial done in 2015 studied some individuals, where some were given lentil diets, and some were given meat diets. The study found individuals on a lentil diet witnessed lowered glycemic responses and did better diet management. Pulses lower blood sugar, especially postprandial sugar levels, along with improving insulin responses in your body.

Pulses are an age-old food commodity used in Indian kitchens. Dal and rice is a staple lunch in many Indian states. Dals for diabetes patients provide protein, dietary fiber, and minerals like zinc, magnesium, folate, etc. Pulses also have anti-carcinogenic compounds like saponins, tannins, etc, that lessen the chances of cancer. Therefore, yes, dal is good for diabetes.

Generally, all types of dal for sugar patient is okay for consumption. However, individuals having renal diseases need to maintain some precautions. Dal diabetes patients with renal diseases need to soak overnight before consumption after discarding the water. We’ll also reveal which dal is not good for diabetes patients. Please keep reading to know it all!

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Finding the Best Dal for Diabetes

You may be wondering which dal is best for diabetes patients. Worry no more. We’ll now list all the best dal for diabetes patients.

Best Dal for Diabetes

Chana Dal or Split Chickpea

To answer the question of which dal good for diabetes, the dal topping the list is Chana dal or Bengal gram. Chana dal’s glycemic index is just 8, categorising it as a super low GI food. It is loaded with dietary fiber and protein. Consuming chana dal also keeps the stomach healthy, and studies show chickpeas help lessen postprandial sugar levels. Here is the nutritional profile of chana dal:

  • Chana dal’s high dietary fiber keeps the sugar level in check.
  • The dal has minerals like iron and folate.
  • The calcium content in chana dal helps improve bone health.
  • Chana dal also reduces constipation, keeping the gut healthy.
  • Chana dal has high potassium and no sodium, which helps regulate blood pressure.

Moong Dal

Next on this list is moong dal. Now we answer the much-awaited question: is moong dal good for diabetes patients? Yes, whole green moong dal is good for diabetes patients. Moong dal glycemic index is just around 38, classifying it as a low-GI food. The low glycemic index of moong dal doesn’t bring rapid spikes in sugar levels. Green moong’s other name is Green Gram. There are studies that label green gram as an anti-diabetic food, and eating it helps lessen the chance of diabetes in non-diabetics.

There is a good presence of antioxidants in moong dal, which reduce free radicals in your body. It has a good amount of minerals like iron, potassium, and protein. Although moong dal is good for diabetes patients, consuming it also helps improve heart health, thyroid, and weight management. Moong dal is a versatile food therefore, moong dal and diabetes diet fit well. You can consume it as sprouts, khichdi and also make moong dal idli and dosas.

Toor Dal

Now we must clear your doubt about whether or not it is toor dal good for diabetes. Toor dal is also called arhar dal. Yes, toor dal good for diabetes patients. The glycemic index of toor dal is low, and it has a good mix of complex carbs and fiber. Along with this, toor dal is good for diabetes also because it has a dense nutrient profile. It has protein, iron, magnesium, vitamins, antioxidants, folate, etc. Pulses are known as superfoods in diabetes as they provide an ample amount of dietary fiber and proteins. Consuming arhar dal also increases immunity, which is crucial for diabetes patients.

Urad Dal

Urad dal is next on the list. Many people question is urad dal good for diabetes patients. The answer is definitely yes; split and de-husked urad dal is good for diabetes patients. Urad dal is a low-GI food, having a glycemic score of 43. Moreover, it has a considerable amount of fiber and protein. It also improves skin health. Urad bean is also known as Vigna mungo. In many studies, this bean is known for its anti-diabetic effects and helps diabetics with sugar control. Urad dal enhances blood circulation and improves heart health. The magnesium content in this dal regulates your cholesterol levels. So, the answer to whether urad dal is good for diabetic patients is a big yes. However, include it as part of your diet plan and in measured amounts.

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Masoor Dal

Masoor dal is another excellent addition to this list. Masoor dal good for diabetes patients as it has a low glycemic score. There is good dietary fiber in masoor dal; therefore, it gets slowly digested. And brings a slow rise in blood sugar. Masoor dal is good for diabetes also because it contains antioxidants and flavonoids, which enhance pancreas health. Hopefully, now you have the answer to the question, is masoor dal good for diabetes? Include masoor dal as part of the diabetes diet plan, and you will definitely witness change.


Apart from keeping all types of dal in your diabetes diet, you can also keep beans and legumes too. Many dals and diabetes meals are made from these legumes. Like chana dal is made from chickpeas, other popular and healthy legumes are kidney beans, black beans, etc. There are studies that prove eating legumes improves glycemic control and reduces HbA1c in diabetics.


Chickpeas, apart from being consumed as a dal, can also be consumed whole. Whole chickpeas are called chole or chanay in North India. Another use of chickpeas is its flour, which is known as besan. Chickpeas regulate your postprandial sugar levels. They are superfoods for weight loss.


Rajma is a good option that you can include in the best dal for diabetes patients. It has rich fiber content and a low GI score. The starch found in kidney beans regulates sugar levels. It also has complex carbs, which delay their digestion rate. Therefore, foods like rajma, moong or green gram are good for diabetes patients.


So, hopefully, now we have answered all your doubts surrounding the question: which dal is good for diabetes patients? Lentils or dal are a great food to include in your diet. Lentils are even better than grains like rice and wheat due to their lower glycemic profile. Eating lentils will provide you with fewer calories compared to them. We’ve explored some of the best options, like moong dal, masoor dal, chana dal, etc., which can help manage your sugar levels and provide essential nutrients. Remember that portion control and preparation methods are also crucial. By making informed choices, you can enjoy delicious, wholesome meals while effectively managing your diabetes.

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FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions)

Does moong dal increase blood sugar?

Green moong dal is good for diabetes patients as it doesn’t increase blood sugar. Green moong has lots of dietary fiber, which delays its absorption in your body and eliminates the chances of rapid blood sugar spikes.

Does dal increase blood sugar? 

No, all dals like moong, masoor and toor dal are good for diabetes patients. All dals are of low glycemic profile; therefore, they don’t bring a rapid spike upon consumption. Doctors advise people to eat dal to manage their diabetes.

Is masoor dal good for diabetic patient?

Masoor dal and diabetes management go hand in hand. Masoor dal is full of nutrients, which can make your diabetes diet go as planned. Masoor dal has a low glycemic score, which means it doesn’t bring a high spike in your blood sugar. Consuming masoor dal also helps in weight management as it keeps you fuller for longer.

Is arhar dal good for diabetes?

Arhar dals for diabetes patients are a great addition to their diet. Arhar dal has good amounts of protein, fiber, complex carbs and other vitamins and minerals. Therefore, one should definitely include arhar dal in their diet.

Is green gram good for diabetes?

Green gram is good for diabetes patients as it has low calories and a glycemic profile. Green gram has a rich fiber presence and houses various healthy nutrients like iron, zinc, protein, etc.

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