Seema Goel

Seema Goel is the Head Diabetes Coach at Breathe Well-being, Delhi. Seema has 20 years of experience in diabetic counselling with various organizations. Seema has been a Columnist with various leading newspapers. Seema has also worked as a diabetes consultant at PGI Chandigarh. Seema is an experienced professional in the field of reversing lifestyle conditions such as diabetes using holistic nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Seema has worked with several companies like SEBI and L&T as a nutritionist. Seema is now the mentor of various nutrition coaches and develops curriculum for lifestyle problems at Breathe Well-being.


  • MSc Food and Nutrition from Delhi University


  • Nov 2019 – Present, Senior diabetes coach at Breathe Well-being, Gurugram
Breathe Well-being is a patient-care program. It is an outcome-driven program. At Breathe Well-being, Type 2 Diabetes patients are engaged so that their condition can be managed or reversed to live a healthier life free from diseases. The goal of the company is to achieve Diabetes Reversals keeping in mind the highest-quality patient care. With the help of this program, user adopts ability to take better decisions in getting rid of their Diabetic medications.

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