Author: Seema Goel

Seema Goel is the Head Diabetes Coach at Breathe Well-being, Gurugram. Seema has 20 years of experience in dietetic counseling with various organizations. Seema has been a Columnist with various leading newspapers. Seema has also worked as a diabetes consultant at PGI Chandigarh. Seema is an experienced professional in the field of reversing lifestyle conditions such as diabetes using holistic nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Seema has worked with several companies like SEBI and L&T as a nutritionist. Seema is now the mentor of various nutrition coaches and develops curriculum for lifestyle problems at Breathe Well-being.


  • MSc Food and Nutrition from Delhi University


  • Nov 2019 – Present, Senior diabetes coach at Breathe Well-being, Gurugram
Breathe Well-being is a patient-care program. It is an outcome-driven program. At Breathe Well-being, Type 2 Diabetes patients are engaged so that their condition can be managed or reversed to live a healthier life free from diseases. The goal of the company is to achieve Diabetes Reversals keeping in mind the highest-quality patient care. With the help of this program, user adopts ability to take better decisions in getting rid of their Diabetic medications.

Smoothies Ideas For Diabetics

Being a diabetic does not mean a person must deny the most lovable foods of their choice. A person must always make healthier food choices. One such fine choice is having loads of fruits and veggies, rich in nutrition however light in calories. Few fruits and veggies appear better for managing diabetes as compared to others. …

Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Breakfast is a vital meal of the day. It is more so for diabetics who should not stay hungry for a longer time. This may elevate their levels of blood sugar. Coming up with nourishing, delicious, and satisfying breakfast options can be a struggle for a diabetic person. Also, many well-accepted breakfast alternatives contain a large …

Diabetes and Artificial Sweeteners: Know Why are Artificial Sweeteners not Good for Diabetics?

Sweet foods acts as a barrier in any diabetic’s healthy and balanced diet. Usually, every person must be consuming less sugar. Yet, having something sweet makes a person happy sometimes. Understanding artificial sweeteners in diabetes is a must if: a person wishes to lose weight a person tries to keep the levels of blood sugar stable. …

10 Winter Foods for Diabetics

Diabetes prevalence across the globe has increased. When the body either becomes insulin resistant or has a deficiency in producing the insulin it results in diabetes. This results in decreased absorption of blood glucose by cells for metabolism. When left untreated diabetes can cause health ailments like heart diseases, kidney diseases, neuropathy, leg amputation, eye loss, …

Can diabetics eat mango?

Mango, often named “the king of fruits”, is one of the most cherished tropical fruits present globally. It’s well-known for its bright yellow skin as well as its sweet, exceptional taste. This stone fruit, or drupe, is grown in the tropical areas of Africa, Asia, and Central America, however now it’s cultivated worldwide. Provided that mangoes …