Can Diabetics Eat Sattu?

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

People with diabetes are often confused about the right food choices that do not increase their sugar levels. It is essential to know about the foods that are healthy for you. So, unveiling the answers for different foods, we will read about Sattu today. Sattu is a popular food in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. Every household in these states knows about the health benefits of sattu. Although it is beneficial for health, can people with diabetes eat sattu? Let’s find out about this superfood Sattu in this blog.

Diabetes is a health condition that affects 477 million people, according to WHO. This is becoming an epidemic with its rapid spread. The number of diabetic people is estimated to be 700 million by 2045. It is indeed a concern. Type 2 diabetes is prevalent in these times because of our lifestyle and food. This metabolic disorder is highly affected by our sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food, obesity, stress, and limited physical activities. Watching your lifestyle and making healthy choices to prevent this condition is essential. One of the main preventive measures is food. Your food should minimize the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or managing it if you already have it. Diabetes is not curable, but it is well-manageable.

Sattu is one traditional food that has been part of the Indian healthy diet for ages, so how it is effective for diabetes, let’s read. Indian kitchens are a treasure of remedies and traditional medicines, so explore them for a better and healthy life.

What is Sattu?

Sattu is flour made from roasted Bengal gram or chana dal. There are different substitutes used to make varieties of sattu. Grounded pulses or cereals like barley or chickpeas are also used to make sattu healthier and tastier. Sattu is high in fibre with a low glycemic index, which can benefit diabetes patients.

Nutritional Value of Sattu Nutritional Value of Sattu

Sattu is a highly-nutritious traditional food with a variety of nutrients. It is high in fibre and low in carbs, and since it is made of roasted and ground chana dal, it is high in protein. You can enjoy various sattu savouries like sattu flour, sattu paratha, sattu drinks, and sattu litti chokha.

Nutritional Value of Sattu
Nutrients (in 100 grams of Sattu) Amount
Energy 371 Kcal
Protein 9.33 grams
Carbohydrates 78.2 grams
Fat 2.17 grams
Sugars 2.93 gram

Besides being high-protein and high-fibre food, sattu also contains minerals like zinc, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, etc.

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Glycemic Index of SattuGlycemic Index of Sattu

The glycemic index of any food determines how rapidly food can raise your blood sugar levels. High-GI foods spike your sugar levels more than low-GI foods. So, diabetic patients should always include nutrition in their low GI diet. Based on the ratings, there are three categories for GI, low GI food (0-55), medium GI food (56-69), and high GI food (70 and above). Sattu is a low-glycemic food with a GI of 28; thus, it does not affect your sugar levels. It is considered safe for people with diabetes. So can diabetes patients eat sattu? Its low GI makes it a healthy and safe food for people with diabetes.

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Sattu and DiabetesIs Sattu Good for Diabetes Patients

As we have read above, the glycemic index of sattu is low and full of nutrients, which is why it is recommended for diabetes patients. Diabetes requires close attention to the food you consume, so prepare a diet that fulfils all your dietary requirements without affecting your sugar levels. Medicines are not the only solution; your food can help you a lot, even getting off from medicines. Diabetes is a condition where your pancreas either stops insulin production or your body cells become unable to use the insulin released by the pancreas. The hormone insulin is responsible for controlling the levels of sugar (glucose) present in the bloodstream. Insulin resistance occurs when the body’s cells do not respond to insulin. Because glucose cannot enter cells easily, it accumulates in the blood. This can progress to type 2 diabetes. So, with the right diabetic diet, you can manage sugar spikes in the blood. Sattu or sattu drinks are a plethora of benefits for diabetes and can help you control your sugar levels. Its high-fibre, low-carb, nutrient-dense, and easily digestible properties are some of its benefits. Sattu helps to control diabetes in many ways:

 Manages Sugar Levels:

Satuu is a low glycemic food with 28 GI. It does not affect blood sugar levels when consumed. People with diabetes should always fill their plates with low-GI food that helps them to manage their blood sugar levels.

High in Fiber:

Food with a high fibre content takes longer to digest. When food breaks down into glucose, the glucose is released into the bloodstream, raising blood sugar levels. Because a high-fibre diet slows digestion, glucose does not enter the bloodstream quickly. It regulates your blood sugar levels.

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Helps in Weight Loss:

Obesity is one of the significant causes of type 2 diabetes. So, keeping your weight in control is a preventive measure against diabetes. Sattu is a high-fibre food with high protein and low carbs. High-protein and high-fibre diets keep you full for longer and help you control your weight. It is also packed with various nutrients that support your health without adding extra pounds. Sattu or sattu drinks increase metabolism, which is essential for weight loss. Sattu is easily digestible with lots of fibre, so it reduces bloating as well.

Helps in Digestion:

Sattu is rich in fibre which is essential to keep your digestive system healthy. It has insoluble fibre that eases digestion and, reduces conditions like constipation and acidity and improves bowel movement. Having a sattu drink every morning keeps your digestion healthy. It cleans the colon and also flushes out toxins from the intestines. Healthy digestion keeps your sugar level under control.

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Good for Heart Health:

Heart diseases are one of the major diabetes-related complications. Adding sattu to your diet can help you lower the risks of developing heart conditions. High-fiber and high-protein diet helps your heart health, so having a sattu drink or sattu can strengthen your heart health.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Sattu is a high-fibrous and healthy food. It controls cholesterol and blood pressure, thus reducing risks of diseases of coronary arteries or cardiovascular conditions.

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Helps in Anemia:

Diabetic patients are likely to have anaemia. Iron content in sattu helps to treat anaemia and can prevent any other diabetes-related complications due to lack of iron.

Other Health Benefits of SattuHealth Benefits of Sattu

Sattu or sattu drinks have various health benefits for non-diabetic and diabetic people. Some health benefits of sattu are:

 Healthy Food for Women:

Women need extra nutrition during pregnancy and menstruation. They are likely to lose a lot of nutrition at that time. Including sattu in their diet can fill this void and can provide energy. Nutrient deficiency can lead to fatigue, anaemia, dizziness, and energy loss. Having high-nutritious sattu or sattu drinks can energize them.

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Suitable for Hair and Skin:

Sattu is rich in iron and protein that helps hair growth and builds up hair follicles. It also provides hydration which keeps your skin shiny, firm, and hydrated.

Cooling Properties:

Sattu is a loved and popular drink in the summer. It has cooling properties that keep you hydrated and energetic. It helps you restore your energy due to sweating.

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Ways to Add Sattu to Your DietSattu to Your Diet

Sattu is a flour “sattu ka atta” which can be used in various dishes to give a variety of flavours. There are some popular yet common ways to make sattu dishes.

 Sattu Paratha:

Sattu Paratha is very nutritious because of its ingredients. To prepare sattu paratha, make a sattu flour dough and add spice, lemon, and coriander.

Sattu Drink:

Sattu drink is very popular in the summer. It has cooling effects, and it keeps you hydrated and energized. Lemon juice is added to this nutritious Sattu drink. However, it is a sweet drink with sugar, but people with diabetes can replace sugar with honey, jaggery, or stevia.

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Sattu Jaggery Laddoo:

These easily digestible, high protein, iron, and fibre laddoo are a good source of nutrients and provide you with many health benefits. Diabetic people with controlled sugar levels can add this to their diet. These are made of sattu atta, almonds, and jaggery.

Litti Chokha:

Who doesn’t know this popular and traditional dish from Bihar? You can make sattu atta dough balls and stuff them with gram flour, pulses, herbs, and spices. Then bake them and add ghee to them.

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Side Effects of Sattu Side Effects of Sattu

  • Although sattu is a healthy, nutritious, cool, and light food, it has some side effects.
  • Sattu is not gluten-free since it is made of gram flour, barley, or wheat, so people with gluten allergy should avoid sattu.
  • It is high in sodium which can affect blood pressure and can increase it. High blood pressure can impact sugar levels and complicate diabetes as it is a diabetes-related complication.
  • Overconsumption of sattu can cause gastric problems like gas and acidity, so have it in a limited quantity.
  • People with gallbladder stones should avoid sattu.

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Sattu is a rustic and traditional food that is packed with various health benefits. It is a good fibre, protein, and iron source, with trace amounts of magnesium, manganese, calcium, etc. It is a low-carb food that does not increase sugar levels. Its high fibre and high protein content are good for diabetes patients. It has a shallow glycemic index of 28, which is best for people with diabetes. It is also a high-fibre food that slows digestion and gradually releases glucose into the blood. So people with diabetes can safely eat sattu or have sattu drinks without sugar. Incorporating regular exercise into one’s routine can aid in mitigating the likelihood of heart-related issues and support weight management goals. It is also suitable for anaemia, skin, hair, women’s health, cholesterol, and hydration. It provides energy and keeps you cool during hot summers. A glass of sattu drink every morning provides nutrients and keeps you energetic the whole day.


What are the Side Effects of Sattu?

Sattu is a healthy option, but it has some side effects like overconsumption of sattu can lead to gastric problems like gas, acidity, constipation, etc. It is not gluten-free, so people with gluten allergy should avoid including sattu in their diet. Sattu has sodium content, so that excess consumption can increase blood pressure. Gallbladder patients should also avoid sattu.

What is the Best Time to have a Sattu Drink?

The best time to have sattu is on an empty stomach in the morning. It is high in fibre, protein, and nutrition, which improves the digestive tract. It also helps to keep you energized, improves bowel movement, and removes toxins from the body. Sattu drink without sugar is a healthy drink for people with diabetes. Healthy digestion helps to control sugar levels and keeps you hydrated.


Is Sattu Drink Good For Pregnant Women?

It is a healthy and traditional energy drink for pregnant women. It helps you to stay healthy during and after pregnancy. It is rich in iron, which is essential for pregnant women. It is also a high-fibre drink and keeps bowel movements healthy. It also reduces the risk of the development of gestational diabetes. Sattu also helps in the growth of a baby.


Can Diabetic Patients Eat Sattu Or Drink Sattu Drinks?

Sattu is very beneficial for people with diabetes. It is low in glycemic index and rich in fibre and protein. These are the best diabetic-friendly nutrition that controls sugar levels. Sattu or sattu drinks also support weight loss, reduce cholesterol, and increase bowel movements. This helps to keep your sugar levels under control. However, before adding to your diet, consult your doctor about frequency and quantity.


Can I Drink Sattu Daily?

Having sattu drink on an empty stomach keeps your digestive tract healthy. It flushes out the toxins from the intestines. Good digestion is vital to balanced sugar levels, so it is suitable for diabetes as well. It is also high in fibre with a low glycemic index, so it helps you manage your sugar levels. However, have it in moderate quantities and do not add sugar. People with controlled sugar levels can add jaggery or honey to sattu drinks.


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