Are Sugar-Free Biscuits Safe for Diabetics?

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Last updated on October 17th, 2022

Diabetes is a type of metabolic disease. It results from high blood glucose levels in the body. For diabetic people, either their body fails to produce enough insulin. Or it may not use the produced amount in an effective manner. This occurs when the immune system in the body attacks the islets. This involuntarily affects the rate of insulin production. The blood sugar, at this point, remains in the blood. Hence, the cells fail to absorb any more sugar. And this stops healthy glucose-to-energy conversion. Read this blog to know “Are Sugar-Free Biscuits Safe for Diabetics?”

To note, this is how diabetes type 1 happens. Besides, diabetes type 2 occurs when there is not much natural insulin left. Left insulin fails to overcome insulin resistance. In both these cases, sugar-free biscuits help to control sugar levels. These contain no sugar. Add a protein-filled tasty snack product to the menu. It may be a great deal for the person.

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How Sugar-Free Biscuits are Beneficial for Diabetics?

How Sugar-Free Biscuits are Beneficial for Diabetics?

Sugar-free biscuits are good protein-centric product options. These work great for both adults and children. They carry a number of health benefits. The product has been carefully researched, tested, and produced. These are healthy, organic-friendly biscuits. There are various constituents present in these high-grade protein biscuits. These include vital vitamins, minerals, and Casein protein. These constituents add to:

  • maintaining good heart health
  • regulating the blood glucose
  • help with weight management.

People with diabetes take this product as a snack item daily. They observe benefits such as:

  • long-lasting nourishment
  • a stronger body
  • faster recovery from cravings or hunger pangs.

Following are the reasons why a person considers sugar-free biscuits if they have diabetes.

1. Totally Free of Sugar

Diabetes, basically, is a medical illness. It occurs due to the excess amount of glucose in the blood. Subsequently, the patient observes many health issues. In many extreme cases, there are serious complications. In this condition, eat sugar-free food items. They help in lowering blood glucose levels.

Sugar-free biscuits contain Stevia. And, it is a plant-based sweetening agent. In addition, it is useful for regulating the body’s glycemic levels. Thus, when diabetic people have these products regularly, their glucose levels do not increase.

2. Casein Protein Plays a Key Role to Dispose of Weakness

Particularly, protein uplifts the immunity of a diabetic person. It contributes to improving overall health. Yet, varying kinds of proteins provide different benefits. Among these, casein protein has a good influence in naturally building immunity. This protein is the leading ingredient in sugar-free biscuits.

3. High Quantity Of Valuable Constituents

To note, sugar-free biscuits contain a high composition of protein. Also, the biscuits include both insoluble and soluble fiber ingredients. Also, they contain vitamin B, and antioxidants. All of these ingredients are individually effective in decreasing health problems. Also, they help in strengthening the immune system. B-vitamins reduce the homocysteine level. This is very helpful for diabetic people. And, also for people who cannot properly have protein due to dietary issues.

4. Natural Sweetener

Another benefit of sugar-free biscuits is their taste. These biscuits contain Stevia, a plant-based sweetener. Hence, a person would still notice a favourable sugary taste after its consumption. It is totally safe for diabetic patients.

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5. Defence Against Infections

Antioxidants are present in sugar-free biscuits. They help in decreasing the risk of several diseases. These are heart problems, certain cancers and others. Besides that, casein protein helps boost immunity, too. People with diabetes and regular users equally profit from casein protein. They gain a stronger immune system to battle diseases. To boost health and immunity during Covid-19, intake of sugar-free biscuits is a good option. Stronger immunity continues longer against manifold viruses.

6. Better Digestion + Gluten Free

Diabetes does show an effect on the digestive condition of a few patients. This medical disorder harmfully affects the working of the nervous system. This indirectly influences the digestive secretion and process. An increase in sugar content in the blood promotes digestive problems.

These issues can be constipation and diarrhoea. And also an unstable breakdown of food inside the body. The digestive system of a person with diabetes can improve after they take sugar-free biscuits. In addition, people feel fewer cravings after consuming this as a snack.

This allows them to maintain their diet schedule in an improved way. Also, too much gluten in food may enhance blood sugar levels. People with diabetes must, therefore, avoid such items. Sugar-free biscuits do not contain gluten, which is favourable for such patients.

7. Safe For Heart Health

Diabetic patients observe several problems when there is a spike in glucose levels. This, in turn, might influence the healthy functioning of the heart. And, also hinders blood circulation. Diabetics must avoid food products. These products contain high levels of cholesterol or trans-fat in them. Typically, foods high in trans-fat and cholesterol enhances blood glucose levels. After consumption, excess cholesterol and trans fatty acids may harden and narrow the arterial walls. This may later rupture. Owing to this, diabetics have a considerable risk of catching infections. These can be cardio-vascular diseases such as CAD with heart attack, angina, stroke. Sugar-free biscuits have zero trans-fat or cholesterol content. It is safe for diabetics and their heart health.

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Some Sugar-Free Biscuits For Diabetes
Some Sugar-Free Biscuits For Diabetes

Here are some of the most tasty and healthy sugar-free biscuits that one can add to their diet without worrying about blood sugar levels spiking.

 1. Artinci – Oats Cookies, Multigrain Millet

Artinci oats cookies offer a guilt-free delight in the form of Multigrain Millet Cookies with zero sugar. Packed with the goodness of foxtail millets, flax seeds, coconut, and high-protein soy flour, these biscuits offer a harmonious blend of nutrition and flavor. Although it contains a natural sweetener, it doesn’t impact your health as it has a low GI.

2. Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials

Britannia’s Nutrichoice is a well-known name for its amazing quality. These biscuits are made with ragi and oats. Free from trans-fat and harmful added sugars, they are a healthy choice. With a low glycemic index (GI), rich in fiber, and packed with essential complex carbohydrates, these cookies boast a robust nutritional profile.

3. UNIBIC’s Sugar-Free Multigrain Cookies

UNIBIC’s sugar-free biscuits offer a low glycemic index, providing a steady blood sugar level for weight control and appetite management. Tailored for diabetics, these cookies sweetened with maltitol strike a perfect balance. Crafted from premium natural ingredients, these trans-fat-free delights cater to health-conscious individuals. Ideal for vegetarians, the UNIBIC sugar-free biscuits deliver a perfect taste that keeps you hooked until the last bite.

4. Diabesmart Sugar-Free Biscuits For Diabetics – Almond

DiabeSmart’s almond biscuits are a diabetic-friendly delight, boasting zero added sugar and low-GI ingredients to stabilise blood sugar. With a low carb formulation, they make for a guilt-free snack on the go. Infused with Methi, Karela, Jamun Seeds, and Jackfruit flour, these biscuits offer not just deliciousness but also nutrients proven to lower blood sugar levels.

5. Diabodellite Multigrain Sugar-Free Cookies

These multigrain cookies are made using a delightful blend of Wheat Bran, Oats, Soya, Ragi and Bajra enriched with prebiotics, fenugreek, and essential vitamins & minerals. Beyond taste, these cookies may regulate blood sugar levels, thanks to fenugreek and prebiotics. With high fiber content aiding weight loss, these nutrient-dense snacks offer satiety and energy, making them a smart choice for curbing mid-day cravings. Quantum Naturals blends Ayurveda and modern technology for plant-powered healing in every bit.

Tips to Avoid Less Healthy Snacks

Rather than reaching for the tin:

  • Fill up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and pulses. These are included in main meals to increase satiety.
  • Try to have healthier snacks handy. These are nuts, seeds, low-fat hummus veg sticks, fruit and wholegrain crackers.
  • Also, a person can have a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Try going for a walk. Distract from the tempting treats.

The Sugar Content of Biscuits

The Sugar Content of Biscuits

Many people know they must cut down on their free sugar intake. Free sugar involves all sugar that can be included in anything a person consumes or drinks. They might appear on the constituents list as various names. They include:

  • glucose, sucrose, maltose
  • honey, molasses
  • maple syrup, glucose syrup, corn syrup
  • hydrolyzed starch
  • agave nectar
  • coconut palm sugar
  • treacle.

They also involve honey, syrups and also fruit juice. Naturally-occurring fructose in fruit, and lactose in milk are the types people need to cut down. Some biscuits comprise small amounts of dried fruit. Free sugar links to tooth decay, obesity and an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes.

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Fat Content of Biscuits

Biscuits also hide a moderately high amount of fat. Many of the biscuits use either butter or palm oil as the fat of choice. Both contain saturated fat, which is associated with heart problems. Yet, rich tea biscuits are prepared from sunflower oil. And, this explains their lower saturated fat content. Unsaturated fats originate from plant oils such as sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil. They help maintain levels of good cholesterol (HDL). All fats contain high calories. Thus, if a person is trying to maintain or achieve a healthy weight, reduce the amount of fat in diet. This can really help. Every person needs some fat in their diets. They provide energy and vital fatty acids. Yet, it’s important to believe how much a person is having and the type of fat.

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Type 1 Diabetes and Biscuits

The majority of people were using fixed doses of insulin. They were thus, advised to eat regular carb-containing snacks like biscuits. Newer insulins and carb-counting means are important for people with Type 1 diabetes. They increased flexibility and might not require snacks. Sugar-free biscuits have the potential to maintain good health, despite being diabetic. For the best results, a person must consume the suggested amounts of biscuits every day. These are 4 to 5 sugar-free biscuits per day. With time, these biscuits may uplift the general health condition to a high extent.


Tea may also help diabetics in controlling blood sugar levels. The Indian chai may not be a healthy drink for diabetics, particularly when had with biscuits. The refined flour contains a high glycemic index. This is damaging for diabetic people. Also, biscuits may have added sugar, which can again hinder with the glucose levels of diabetics. Tea with extra sugar may also hinder with the sugar levels for diabetics. And, thus avoid them. If you really wish to add tea in your diet while you are diabetic, healthier alternatives such as green tea can be considered.


How much sugar must a diabetic eat in a day?

This is roughly 50 grams (12 teaspoons) of free sugars per day. This depends upon a 2000-calorie diet. Limit the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages. Also, drink water in their place. Promote the consumption of whole foods. And, also reduce the consumption of free sugars throughout life for overall health.

What occurs if a diabetic person consumes too much sugar?

Too much glucose passes from the blood into the urine. And, this triggers a filtering process that draws wonderful amounts of fluid from the body. Left unmanaged, this may cause life-threatening dehydration. Also, results in a diabetic coma. About 25 to 50% of people with diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome develop a coma.

What is the difference between no sugar added and sugar free?

Free Sugars: They are added to a product. No Sugar Added: No sugar is being added to the product as a constituent. Yet, it does not signify that there is no sugar naturally in it. Sugar-Free: Product contains below 0.5g sugar per 100g/100ml.

Does sugar-free biscuits enhance sugar?

Sugar- free biscuits are made without including any sugar. This prevents a spike in blood sugar levels. It is ok to consume sugar-free biscuits if a person is diabetic. Yet, be careful that if not sugar, which is added to those biscuits to sweeten them.

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