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Water constitutes nearly two-thirds of the body weight, thus it makes sense to have an adequate amount of water daily to stay healthy and hydrated. Tea, coffee, water, fruit juices, milk, or smoothies all count. Also, enough fluid comes from the food people eat, particularly fruits and vegetables. People always have one question in their minds, does it matter what we drink? The answer is yes, when the topic of sugary drinks or fruit juices arises, a person can be taking in lots of calories and sugar as compared to the recommended amounts. Read this blog to know about the best energy drinks for diabetics.

Diabetics need to ensure that they follow a well-balanced diet, but this does not necessarily indicate food. Drinks also have an impact on blood glucose levels in several ways. When an individual experiences diabetes, his or her body fails to make use of insulin in an appropriate manner to pull sugar, or blood glucose, into the body cells for energy. This may increase the levels of sugar in the bloodstream and may lead to some severe complications. Drinks consisting of loads of sugar may spike the sugar or cause sudden high sugar levels in the blood. This sugar increase might be risky for diabetics. This article explores various energy drinks for diabetics and drinks diabetics must avoid.

Vital Ways to Stay Hydrated

  • Water is the finest all-around drink of all time. If anyone likes flavored waters, they can make their drinks by including a squeeze of lime or lemon, or strawberries. Few slices of cucumber or mint leaves can also be added to a glass of iced water.
  • People can take tea, coffee, or hot chocolate; by trimming down sugar content and utilizing semi-skimmed or skimmed milk in their preparation. Utilize diet or light versions of hot chocolate.
  • Fruit juices (100% real fruits) are composed of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Herbal teas are another great option for bringing in a refreshing change and are mostly caffeine-free.
  • Which milk is good for diabetic patients? Milk is also the most excellent drink as its quite hydrating and the finest source of carbs, protein, and calcium. It’s good to choose skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.
  • Energy drinks, the only time when such drinks are useful for people with diabetes is when a person requires getting his or her blood glucose up rapidly after a hypo. Energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar and calories.

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List of Energy Drinks Without Sugar

Low-calorie or zero-calories drinks are classically the best bet for people with diabetes when they are looking for options to quench their thirst. Whether a person is at home or a restaurant, below are some of the best beverages with low sugar for diabetics:


Is water good for diabetes? Water is one of the best options when it comes to hydration and staying healthy. Proper hydration has an impact on the physical and mental health of a person. And everybody system requires water. Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps the body in eliminating too much glucose via urine. It is recommended that adult males must drink nearly 13 cups (3.08 liters) of water per day and females must drink about 9 cups (2.13 liters) per day.


Flavored Water Drinks for diabetics

A majority of individuals opt for juices or sugar-sweetened drinks as they find the flavor of water dull or plain. However, this does not have to be the case. Flavor can be added by mixing water with the juice from citrus fruits including lime and lemon or 100% cranberry juice. Adding water with whole fruits such as berries can incorporate some healthy flavor too. According to a research study, adding aloe vera pulp to water has been found to be beneficial for diabetics. Infused waters are palatable and wholesome.

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Herbal tea

Herbal infusions or herbal teas are another great way to flavor water and is one of the healthy beverages besides water. The leaves of certain plants can be boiled in water, this adds both flavor and health advantages. Licorice root likewise delivers a delicately sweet flavor without affecting increasing blood glucose levels. A research study done in 2007 found that sugar levels dropped down in diabetics after they ingested licorice extract. This proposes that licorice might have an effective potential to assist in lowering blood sugar in individuals with diabetes.

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Milk in the form of soy milk, cow milk, rice milk, or nut milk is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and calories. On the other hand, it is essential to select unsweetened varieties. Which type of milk is best for diabetics? Cow, rice, and soy milk are thought to add carbs to an individual’s diet, and thus they must add these in their meals and are best milk for diabetes type 2. Unsweetened nut milk contains a small number of carbs, but a diabetic should be sure to verify the nutrition facts of the milk they have chosen. Also, people must be aware of the number of carbs present in one serving.

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Pure Fruit juice in moderation

Is juicing good for diabetics? Fresh juice without extra sugar works great for diabetics but in moderation. Also, whole fruits deliver more nutrition than juices. Pure fruit juices are suitable; however since fruit juice gives sugar from the fruit but not the fiber, diabetics must ingest such forms of drinks in little quantities. For instance, one 248 grams cup of fresh, unprocessed orange juice is composed of around 26 grams of carbs, of which roughly 21 grams is sugar.

best and worst drinks for type 2 diabetes

Can diabetics drink fruit juice? Drinking juice alone might cause a sudden blood glucose spike, but having it with other foods, for example, protein or healthy fat might assist in avoiding this. Consumption of fruit can be a good way to satisfy thirst, and it offers a higher nutritional benefit in comparison to juice.

Coffee and tea in moderation

This is a debate topic concerning coffee consumption by diabetics. Many studies have concluded that coffee intake might have unnecessary short-term effects, yet lasting coffee intake may produce certain benefits. However, in 2017 many studies have found that caffeine consumption considerably enhances the blood sugar levels and delays the duration of high blood sugar levels.

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Things to Pay Attention to

A lot of drinks are composed of high levels of sugars and carbs. Nutritional facts or product labels are great ways of reading about the important facts about what a particular drink contains. Labels state the serving size and carb content of any drink. So, what is the best drink to lower blood sugar can be found out easily.

Diabetics have varied requirements, so there is no precise dietary rule about what can type 2 diabetics drink; however, the following tips work great to help them manage their blood sugar levels:

  • A healthy and balanced diet must be taken in which carb content from food and drinks is managed well.
  • The carb levels must be kept consistent daily and must be spread evenly throughout.
  • A sufficient amount of carb must be consumed to enable the body as well as brain to work efficiently.
  • Blood glucose levels must be tracked on a regular basis.
  • Discussion with the concerned doctor is a must if there are any concerns. Also, a discussion with the healthcare provider is important regarding daily nutritional needs.

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The Worst Energy Drinks For Diabetics

People diagnosed with diabetes must avoid the following drinks including:

Soda and energy drinks

Sodas or other sugary beverages are thought to boost the risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, as well as weight gain. Excess weight is one of the greatest risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes.

Sodas contain huge quantities of sugar, are not filling as they are packed with simple carbs and zero fiber. Drinking sodas devoid of healthy food can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Thus, it is best to avoid or limit the consumption of such sugary energy drinks if the person wants to lessen his or her sugar spike.

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Fruit cocktails

Sugary beverages like fruit punch might taste similar to fruit juice, but they often consist of high sugar levels and contain little to no real fruit juice. These components cause a sudden spike in the glucose levels just like soda. Cocktails have a high concentration of sugar however poor in nutritive value as compared to 100% pure fruit juices. People can consume 100% fruit juices in moderation, but should not have premade fruit cocktails consisting of negligible amounts of real juice.

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Alcoholic drinks

Diabetics must drink alcohol in moderation and in combination with food. They can have alcohol but they must be aware of the quantity they are drinking and when they are drinking. Most alcohol is free of sugar, but beer comprises carbs, and a lot of alcoholic mixers contain sugar. This might cause raised glucose levels and weight also. Too much alcohol intake may cause a serious liver problem, thus every person particularly diabetics must drink in moderation.

Alcohol can also lead to a fall in blood sugar. This may create difficulty for individuals who are using insulin. The ADA recommends one drink a day for females and two drinks a day for males.

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Some Energy Drinks Recipes Recommendations for Diabetics

The following recipe suggestions can be healthful for diabetics:


Smoothies are one of the best satisfying treats. They are also a good way for any person to enhance their consumption of fiber. Fiber is a vital and natural way to slow the body’s digestive processes and also delays the sugar release into the bloodstream. Adding foods like chia seeds, avocados, flax, or coconuts, to a smoothie is very useful in improving the fiber content of most smoothies, without changing the flavor.

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Try adding the following components to make a high-fiber green smoothie recipe:

  • One small avocado
  • One cup spinach
  • Half cup blueberries
  • One cup unsweetened almond milk
  • Half a cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • One tablespoon chia seeds
  • Half teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ lemon (skin removed)

This smoothie gives a full sensation and can be served as a snack. The yogurt offers protein, and chia seeds, cinnamon, and avocado offer flavor and helps in stabilizing the levels of blood glucose. Yet smoothies may also have high levels of sugar. Smoothies composed of real fruit, are nourishing, and help in curbing the sweet craving.


Herbal teas are often soothing and beneficial, particularly for people with diabetes. Green tea is a good choice as it is rich in polyphenols. Studies have indicated the powerful effects of green tea in reducing the risk of heart problems and other conditions associated with diabetes.

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For the preparation of ginger green tea, make use of the following ingredients:

  • Three green tea bags
  • One tablespoon finely chopped ginger
  • One cinnamon stick
  • Two stevia leaves
  • Four cups of water


Diabetics must also avoid sugary additions while drinking cocktails. To make a cucumber-mint cocktail, the following components must be blended:

diabetic friendly beverages


  • Half chopped cucumber
  • Two teaspoons of lime juice
  • Three to five fresh mint leaves
  • One stevia leaf


For diabetics, wholesome dietary choices carry a huge impact on their probabilities of managing their condition as well as decreasing the risk of associated complications. Drinks, along with food, can increase sugar levels and other linked health problems. Thus, by making judicious choices including low sugar drinks, diabetics can enjoy a wide array of drinks, such as a moderate quantity of alcohol. For particular carb consumption requirements, people can discuss with a concerned registered dietitian or a nutritionist.

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Does Beer have an effect on your blood sugar?

Beer and sweet wine are rich in carbs and can increase your blood sugar. Alcohol is an appetite stimulant, which can make you over-consume and can affect your blood sugar control. Alcoholic drinks also are full of calories, making it trickier to lose excess weight.

Can diabetics have cranberry juice?

A diabetic can enjoy cranberry juice in moderation. Also, a diabetic must track his or her blood sugar levels first.

Can a diabetic drink diet coke?

The ADA suggests zero-calorie or low-calorie drinks for people with diabetes. So, it’s better to check the label of diet coke for calorie amount.

Is there any effect of sugarless drinks for diabetes on the levels of blood sugar?

Sugar-free energy drinks can also increase blood glucose and insulin, associated with diabetes according to a research study.



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