Top 7 Sugar Free Ice Cream Good for Diabetics

Welcome to a flavoursome journey into the world of guilt-free indulgence. With summer comes the urge to satisfy yourself with a cup of ice cream. Oh, we almost forgot you have diabetes and can’t risk your health by having sugar-laden ice creams. Well, the good news is now there are sugar free ice cream for diabetics and health-conscious individuals. As we navigate the realm of frozen delights, we’ll uncover flavorful alternatives that satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your blood sugar levels. Join us in discovering the perfect blend of sweetness and health. Thus making your every scoop a delightful treat. Here is the list of sugarless ice creams popular in the market:

1. Amul Sugar Free Ice Cream

Amul Sugar Free Ice Cream

Who doesn’t know Amul? It is India’s first ice cream company to introduce zero sugar ice creams. Amul is among the very few ice cream brands that only make milk ice creams. Amul sugar free ice creams come in three delightful flavors. The three flavours are vanilla, butterscotch, and shahi anjeer. Since these sugar free ice creams do not use refined sugar, they can occasionally be consumed by diabetes patients. 

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2. Havmor Sugar Free No Sugar Ice Cream

Havmor Sugar Free No Sugar Ice Cream

Havmor ice creams come next on the list of sugar free ice cream for diabetics. Havmor sugar free ice creams come in a wide range of flavours. Ranging from fruit flavours like vanilla, mango, grapes, fruit blast, etc, to rich dry fruit flavours like kesar pista, kulfis, etc. Havmor ice creams are known for their rich, creamy texture and sugar free even diabetics can enjoy them. However, go specifically for the milk-based flavours and not the frozen desserts. Before buying any ice cream, read the ingredients list very carefully. Only choose milk ice creams. 

3. Natural Sugar Free Ice Cream

Natural ice creams in recent times have been on the tip of every ice cream lover for sure. The brand is known for its enhanced yet natural flavour. Natural sugar free ice creams come in two flavours. The first flavour is anjeer, and the second is mango. Both are medium-fat ice creams and can be occasionally relished by diabetes patients. The best part about this brand, as the name suggests, is that it uses 100% natural ingredients.

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4. Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Ice Cream comes in two flavours. The flavours are turtle truffle reduced fat sugar free ice cream and pineapple coconut reduced fat no sugar ice cream. The international ice cream brand is well known for its rich taste and top-notch quality. 

5. Giani Sugar Free Ice Cream

Giani comes next in this list of best sugar free ice creams. The brand offers sugar free ice creams in 4 unique flavours. There are two plain flavours: vanilla and strawberry. Then, there are two premium flavours: chocolate gelato and fruit cream. All 4 flavours are of medium calories and can be consumed by diabetics occasionally. However, don’t make ice creams part of your daily diet plan. 

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6. Mother Dairy Sugar Free Ice Cream

Mother Dairy Sugar Free Ice Cream

Mother Dairy is a famous dairy brand in India. The brand offers three exotic sugar free ice cream flavours. They are Natural Vanilla, Kesar Almond and Dietz Chocolate. Mother Dairy sugar free ice creams have a rich taste and have medium fat. The brand has its highest presence in Delhi and NCR region and controls 66% of the sector. 

7. Kwality Walls Sugar Free Ice Cream

Kwality Walls comes last in this list of diabetic ice creams. The brand offers 7 unique sugar free ice cream flavours. The flavours are vanilla, tuttie fruittie, saffron pistachio, cashew raisin, rose petals, pistachio nut and famous figs. All the flavours have medium fat. Being a mass brand, you specifically need to choose milk ice creams. This is because the brand also offers frozen desserts made from soy and other fats, which diabetes patients should avoid.

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We have covered all the major ice cream brands offering sugarless ice creams. Sugar free ice cream and diabetes have a positive relationship, but only conditionally. Diabetes patients can have sugar free ice creams occasionally and not regularly. Sugar free ice creams at the end contain saturated fats, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. All of these are not good for you when consumed regularly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is sugar free ice cream OK for diabetics?

Yes, occasionally, consumption of sugar free ice cream is ok for diabetics. The ice cream is low in sugar content and contains medium to low amounts of fat.

Can diabetics eat ice cream once in a while?

Yes, diabetics can occasionally have sugar free ice cream. It would be better if you limit ice cream consumption to once or twice a week. Remember, ice cream contains saturated fats, preservatives, etc, which, when regularly consumed, can harm your body.

What is normal blood sugar after eating ice cream?

There will be minimal effect on your blood sugar when consuming no sugar ice cream. When eating sugarless ice cream, make sure you consume it post-meal as a dessert. Do not eat ice cream on an empty stomach, as it may cause blood sugar fluctuation.

How often can a diabetic eat ice cream?

A diabetic patient can consume sugar free ice cream once or twice a week. However, do consider your daily calorie count and don’t exceed it.

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