9 Indian Snacks For Diabetes Patients

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More than 11% of the Indian population is suffering from diabetes, and another 15% of the population has prediabetes. With such huge numbers, the key to diabetes management is exercising diet control. We Indians have a habit of having a good evening munching. But when diabetes hits us, there are many hurdles created in our daily eating. People generally believe that they have to compromise on eating tasty when they have diabetes. However, carefully choosing the right ingredients and diabetes-friendly foods can significantly help you in this regard. In this blog, we will reveal some delicious as well as healthy snacks for diabetics Indian styles recipes. You can use these recipes and make your eating better in taste and flavour.

Best Indian Snacks for Diabetes Patients

Indian Style Snacks for Diabetics

There are many Indian foods that are very good nutrient-wise for diabetes patients. We will use their ingredients and suggest some tasty Indian snacks for diabetes patients. So let’s not make you wait further. Here is the list:

Moong Dal Vegetable Idli

The traditional South Indian foods aren’t good for diabetes. Therefore, we have modified these as South Indian diabetic snacks, which are well-suited for your present condition. Instead of rice idli, you can have green gram or green moong dal idli stuffed with veggies. Green gram benefits for diabetics have been highlighted in many studies. However, we advise you to exercise portion management. You can have 2 small moong dal vegetable idlis with a small katori of sambar.


Among evening snacks for diabetics, the Indian recipe you have next is moonglet. Moonglet is a popular street food made of moong dal and veggies. You prepare a thick moong dal batter and include finely chopped veggies like capsicum, cabbage, carrots and onions. Then, this batter is cooked with a little oil. You have one or two moonglets with mint chutney as diabetic friendly snacks Indian style.

Matar Ghugni Chaat

Matar ghugni chaat is a healthy snack for diabetics Indian recipe that can also be used for weight loss. Ghugni chaat is made of boiled matar and mixed with chopped veggies, Indian spices and lime juice. Ghugni chaat has low calories, and you can have a katori as an evening snack. It has no oil and provides fiber without disturbing your sugar levels much. The benefits of consuming matar for diabetics are that it delays postprandial blood sugar rise and lowers insulin resistance.

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Dal Adai

Adai is another South Indian recipe that you can use. Adia is traditionally made of rice and some portion of dal. To make it a friendly, diabetic evening snacks South Indian recipe, you can prepare a moong dal batter instead of rice. And make thin, crispy adai similar to plain dosa. You can have one or two adais with peanut coconut chutney as a midday or evening snack in your diabetes diet. These South Indian vegetarian snacks for diabetics are a great way to enjoy healthy recipes without compromising on taste. As this is a small portion and it’s made of pulses, it’s a great way to fill your belly. Studies have shown how pulses improve sugar profiles in diabetics.


Considering snacks for diabetic patients Indian recipes, now we have street favourite bhelpuri. The bhelpuri chaat is loaded with flavours that can add joy to your bland diabetes diet. You can prepare the bhelpuri with a small amount of murmura, chopped onions, roasted chana, lime juice, sev and some chutneys. Take care of the amount you consume. You can have one small katori of bhelpuri as a snack. 

Oats Dosa

Now on the list of healthy evening snacks for diabetics Indian recipes, we have oats dosa. Oats dosa can be prepared with oats flour. You can also add some veggies to it if you like. Oats have magnesium, fiber, etc., which helps in enhancing your insulin response and reducing postprandial blood sugar. Include these diabetic friendly Indian snacks in your diet. You can use this oats dish as an evening or day snack in your diet. 

Barley Paratha

Now, in diabetic snack recipes Indian dishes, you could introduce barley paratha. Barley has low calories and scores low on the glycemic scale. Barley is full of fiber, and many studies have shown barley’s ability to regulate sugar levels. And making a barley paratha with minimal oil can be a perfect homemade Indian dry snacks for diabetics. You can have one small less oil barley paratha as a snack in your diabetes diet.

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Sprouts Chaat

Adding in Indian dry snacks for diabetics now comes sprouts chaat. Sprouts are great food for diabetics. It has all the ingredients an ideal food should have. Sprouts have good fiber and protein content. It also has various beneficial vitamins and minerals. Prepare a sprouts chaat with dal and bean sprouts mixed with finely chopped veggies. Pour a dash of lime and a little salt. Sprouts chaat is healthy as well as a tasty snacking option diabetics can have.

Ragi Pizza

Normal Pizza is totally off the list of healthy Indian snacks for diabetic patients. However, we have formulated a healthier version of pizza. This pizza isn’t made of refined flour, which could be bad for your sugar levels. You can prepare the base of this pizza with ragi flour. Ragi has been proven to lower plasma glucose in diabetics in several studies. Before baking it in the microwave, add some non-starchy veggies like bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, etc. You could add some low-fat cheese as well.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What snacks can a diabetic patient eat?

Low carb Indian snacks for diabetics are the ones you should go for. The following are snacks a diabetic can have:

Handful of plain nuts
Boiled lentil chaat
Plain dal idli and dosas
Besan cheela
Popcorn (plain and unsalted)
Hummus and breadsticks
Fresh fruits

What snacks help blood sugar?

Choose such diabetes snacks recipes Indian ones, which are low on calories and contain less carbs. These recipes won’t spike your sugar levels. You can choose snacks like

Low GI fruits

Can diabetics eat chaat?

Yes, diabetics can have chaat, but not the regular oily aloo chaat. Diabetics can have healthy sprouts chaat. Sprout chaat or matar ghugni chaat. These types of chaats are diabetes-friendly and have no oil. These are filled with dietary fiber and are good sources of protein and vitamins.

Is Idli OK for diabetes?

Yes, idli is okay for diabetes, but moong dal idli is better. Moong dal idli has fewer calories and more fiber than rice idli. Moong dal idli, therefore, can be consumed as breakfast or evening snack.

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