Category: Sugar-free, No added Sugar, or Unsweetened

Is sugar free even worse than sugar?

Natural sweeteners are considered to be a safe option to go for. But, you will not get any health benefits by consuming any specific type of added sugar. Also, excessive consumption of added sugar even natural sweeteners can result in major health issues like weight gain, tooth decay, increased triglycerides, and poor nutrition.

Is no added sugar a good option to choose?

No, this is not a good option to choose. One should focus on limiting the foods that are labeled as “no added sugar”. This is because consuming these foods in excessive quantities can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, weight gain, dental caries, and Type 2 diabetes.

Are sugar free products free from sugar?

If you buy sugar free candy or sugar free chocolate, then you must know what it means. The presence of this expression on a food label indicates that it contains no added sugars, sugar alcohols, or any forms of artificial sweeteners. But, again, it does not mean that the food is completely free from sugar as …