Do you know the biggest health mistakes women make in their 30s?

Last updated on April 8th, 2022

Women, often have the hardest lives. No, no, we are not trying to create a gender divide over the “who does more work” debate, but we cannot deny the fact that women have to account for a lot more things than men during their entire lifetime. Even if we assume that men and women put in equal efforts in the household chores, children are usually more dependent on mothers, which is an added responsibility on them. Then, there’s menstruation, childbirth and so on.

So, it’s only natural that, you ladies don’t find enough time for yourself. Let alone for your fitness. And when you hit the thirties, the situation only gets worse. Therefore, let’s walk you through some health mistakes women your age make, so that you don’t make them, and stay healthy always!

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Not finding time to exercise

Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s or 40s, staying fit must always be the top priority. But, like we just said, most women in their 30s are usually juggling more work than they can handle, which is when they give up on their fitness regimen. This is the most common health mistake that women make in their 30s. Make time to exercise and maintain your fitness regimen, no matter what. Absolutely, no excuses here.

Ignoring the loss of muscle mass

Even an active human can start losing muscle mass in their thirties. And if you pay no attention to fitness at all, needless to say, the rate of loss can be on a higher side. Hence, with the onset of the thirties, women should include strength training in their workout routine. Strength training keeps your muscles strong and functioning. It allows for microscopic tear of muscles tissues, paving way for them to rebuild and become stronger than before.

Strength training also counterattacks the slow metabolic rate that comes with aging. Body fat increases after 30 and has a tendency to accumulate around the middle area. By helping retain the muscle mass, strength training can help maintain the rate of metabolism, too.

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Not finding enough time to rest

In 30s, most women are trying really hard to strike a balance between their work and personal lives. However, when they don’t find that balance, they often end up neglecting their health and sleep cycle. Make time for yourself, find the time to allow your mind and body to rest, sleep and rejuvenate. It is more important than you think.

Depriving yourself of proper nutrition

Owing to the busyness of life, women in 30s usually start becoming dependent on outside food which doesn’t provide proper nutrition. However busy you are, you must eat a home-cooked meal at least 4 times a week to maintain a proper nutrition intake to avoid health complications in the future.

Not watching your mental health

Often, it is in our thirties, that we make the most important decisions of our life, professionally as well as personally. Decisions with respect to our careers, whether to have children, whether to not buy a house, your parents’ health, and there are so many other things to bog you down. All this is likely to overwhelm you and might lead to anxiety and stress. Plan things and prioritize what you need to do, in terms of shift in habits and daily routines, so that it doesn’t seem too much to take in. Also, and this is very important, find ways that help you calm your mind every day, such as doing Yoga, meditation and deep-breathing.

Visit your doctor regularly

Visiting the doctor regularly and undergoing proper health checkups is of utmost importance when you hit the 30s. Also, regular self-examination, for example, of your breasts, can help you benefit from timely and proper treatment in case of any potential problems. Do make some time for your skin care as well, as you know your skin needs more attention as you age.

Aging is a natural and beautiful process—you become more mature, understand things on a deeper level and finally coming to terms with who are. And a general awareness about your body, health and fitness can help in preventing a lot of health conditions that come with age, and in maintaining a healthier, happier and longer life!

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