Diabetic 2000 Calorie Diet Plan

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 What we eat has a major implication on our health. Especially for people suffering with diabetes meal planning should be a major aspect. Taking into consideration the foods that are good and bad for diabetes, meals should be planned accordingly. A rigorous diet plan must be followed in case of diabetes. Also, there are several Indian foods that are highly beneficial in managing diabetes.   Read this blog to know about Diabetic 2000 Calorie Diet Plan.

In the present times the cases of various health issues arise mainly due to poor lifestyle choices and bad diet. Unhealthy food, processed food that are full or artificial flavours and sweetening harms the person and results in various health issues of which heart diseases and diabetes are the most common.

As per surveys conducted it is found that on an average every four people out of 10 are suffering from any type of diabetes. The condition is scary and the situation in developed nations is all the worse. It is high time that we realize our mistake and start a living a healthy life so that the ailments are cured. Food heals us and we are what we eat. Thus, here is all that one should know about the 2000 calorie diet plan that can change one’s life and help them lead a happy healthy life.

What is 2000 Calorie Diet Plan For Diabetics?


A 2000 diet plan helps in controlling what we consume and control the blood sugar spike in diabetic patients. A balanced diet with a good amount of proteins is ideal for diabetic patients. 

A 2000 calorie diabetic diet implies that one eats nothing more than 2000 calories food each day. The diet is balanced and structured and helps you to control blood sugar and lose weight. The diet also works to lower heart issues.

Blood sugar is the amount of glucose or simple sugar in the blood. Glucose is the main source of energy for the body. Mostly the glucose is derived by the body from carbohydrates.

A diabetic diet limits how much carbohydrate, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals should be in one’s diet. The diet is fulfilling and low in calories and fats. Thus, the diet is healthy and beneficial for all.

However, with diabetes the timing between two meal is crucial and thus it is advised that one consults the health expert or dietitian before starting the 2000 calorie diet plan. The health expert should be given complete knowledge about the diet and your preference. The diet is designed by the health expert and they specify what is consumed during meals and snacks. Also inform the caregiver regarding your blood sugar levels which are too high or less

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2000 Calorie Indian Meal Plan for Diabetes Type 2

Indian meal is comprehensive of vital nutrients and well balanced thus can help in maintaining a healthy and disease life. Diabetes in the elderly is growing and as per several surveys it is observed that even young kids are now facing the issue of diabetes. However, with the help of balanced diet and exercise schedule one can reverse type 2 diabetes. To cure the ailment, it is important to understand the reasons that can lead to the issue.

It is observed that diabetes is a genetic disease but then are several other factors also that can result in diabetes. Most importantly the myth that one needs to burst here is that a person diagnosed with diabetes has to give up on all the tasty food that they like. If the person controls the portion and eats in moderation the food does not harm. Thus, the concept of 2000 calorie diet comes in picture which helps the person to reduce weight and reverse diabetes.

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How Will a 2000 Calorie Diet Chart Helps in Diabetes?

Diet plays a major role in managing diabetes and keeping control over it. It is not an exaggeration to claim that more than medicines it is the diet that helps in the case of diabetes patients. A good diet helps not only in controlling blood sugar levels but also cholesterol levels. Thus, the diet prevents all sort of cardiovascular diseases or any other heart issues.

Therefore, the India food that the health expert allows when consumed as per the 2000 calorie diet plan then it actually helps in healing the body without compromising the taste buds. The most common mistake that the diabetic patients make is that they switch on a diet that has raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, sandwiches, and other food products over the regular home cooked Indian food.

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List of Indian Food That Can Help in Managing Diabetes


A quick list of Indian foods that can help manage diabetes include brown rice, high fiber vegetables, pulses, whole grains, nuts, and lean meat etc. 

  1. Brown Rice– Indian food has many rice dishes both sweet and savory. Asking to give up on rice is difficult as it is the staple food for many. Therefore, the best option here is opting for brown rice in place of white rice. Brown rice has several health benefits. White rice is guilty for it has high amount of starch and carbohydrates therefore it is a crime to have it in the diet of a diabetic patient. Intake of white rice can dangerously harm a diabetic patient thus it is required to be swapped with brownī rice. Brown rice has low glycemic index and is also good in taste thus makes the best alternative. diabetic 2000 calorie diet plan
  2. High fiber vegetables – fibrous food forms an essential part of an Indian diet chart for diabetic patients. Therefore, the best option for 2000 calorie diet.  The best option here is to include spinach. Peas, beans, and other green leafy vegetables. Bitter gourd and ridge gourd are also beneficial for health.

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  1. top 10 home remedies for diabetes
  2. Whole grains– as per various surveys and research articles it is clear that whole grains are epitome of benefits. Whole grains in the form of bread, oats, millet, fox nuts, and quinoa  are easily and widely available thus the best option for Indian diabetic meal. They keep people full for longer and have low fat and carb content thus the best option for the diabetic meal. Indian has multiple healthy grains available which are high in protein and fiber like the black gram atta, bajra atta, makka atta, and many more thus they need to be in our diet. The sugar content is low and simple in nature thus easy to digest. The whole grains in the diet plan should have limited quantity of this and more of vegetables, fruits, and curd as suggested by the health expert.  best indian diet plan for diabetics type 2
  3. Pulses and legumes– pulses and legumes are rich source of proteins and fiber, thus they should be in the diet of diabetic patients. They have low glycemic index and full of nutrition thus the pulses and legumes need to be in the diet. The pulses and legumes are low in carb and also taste good. They are a complete meal in itself and thus one should include it in their diet. 2000 calorie diabetic daily meal plan
  4. Nuts– all the nuts importantly like almonds and walnuts are rich source of omega- 03, fibre, and protein. The quality of the nuts makes it important for one to include in the diet chart for the diabetic patient. Whenever one is hungry it is the best option. In between the meals to kill the hunger pangs like almond, pistachio, peanuts and sesame. The nuts help to control the blood sugar levels and prevents heart problems that arise due to diabetes. Therefore, the diabetic patients should have it in their diet. diabetic food chart indian
  5. Lean meat– for the non-vegetarians having a regular vegetarian diabetic Indian diet then the best option is going for lean meat. Lean meat like fish (sardines, tuna, salmon, and mackerel,) and chicken for meals. But avoid red meat as it has high fat and can increase cholesterol levels. Deep fry and processed meat are harmful. For the 2000 diabetic meal the lean meat is a good option. what are all the omega fatty acids
  6. Fresh fruits– fresh fruits are the best way to curb hunger between the meals plus they are the best way to fulfil your sweet cravings. The fruits are full of nutritional and micro nutritional values thus should be in the meal. Also, as they are high in fiber content thus help in good bowel movement and maintain gut health. Sugar content in fruits like mangoes, banana, and chickoo should not be in the diet chart. These fruits are also high in calories so not a good option for 2000 calorie diet. Fruits like peaches, kiwis, avocado, apricot, berries, apple, berries, and grapes. 2000 calorie diabetic diet pdf

Importance of Better Lifestyle For Controlling Diabetes:

Apart from other factors exercise and medication also help manage diabetes but helps staying healthy in the long run. Therefore, one should be careful and consult a health expert before starting exercise regime.

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What are the Indian food items to add to your diabetic meal chart/

Indian food items are full of nutrition and healthy fat thus they should be included in the diet. Healthy fat like polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) help in controlling the insulin levels in the body. It reduces the blood glucose levels, and thus should be in the diet. Seeds and lean meat are the best way to include healthy fat in you diet. Vegetables are essential in the diet as they are full of nutrition and thus need to be a part of our diet.

Is protein rich diet good for diabetes?

Consuming high protein diet for diabetes patients is a matter of study and research in several labs. It is stated that high protein diet helps in reducing weight and increase lipid metabolism but then it affects the blood sugar levels. High protein diet can harm the kidney and in the long run result in rabbit’s disease which is fatal in most of the cases. Thus opting for plant based protein diet is the best solution. Nuts or milk derived from nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds and more should be the source for protein.

Are fiber rich food advised for diabetes?

The dietary fiber present in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are important for managing diabetes. They help in faster digestion and better bowel management thus the overall health is improved. Also, the fiber help in absorption of blood sugar thus consuming them is beneficial. Fiber rich food helps in staying full for long hours thus the feeling of hunger is not there and the person can easily go about the day.

Is low carb diet good for diabetes?

Yes, going by the several researches done in all parts of world a low carb diet suits best in case of diabetes. Low carb diet helps in reducing blood sugar levels. A test was conducted where people with diabetes were kept on low carb diet and they showed significant improvement in their blood sugar levels. In some cases, the patients were even off their medicines or the dose was reduced. It is recommended that the patients consume a low carb and high protein along with healthy fat diet to reverse diabetes. Thus, in this case a 2000 calorie diet is very helpful.

Which foods should be completely prohibited for diabetes patients?

Sugar loaded foods like soda, canned juices, sweets, an desserts are totally prohibited for diabetes patients. These foods are also prohibited for the people with heart issues or people who want to live a healthy life. Natural sweeteners like honey is also prohibited. Other foods that are prohibited include:

  1. Alcohol either sweetened or unsweetened is to be removed from diet
  2. Fatty foods like red meat, cheese, and butter is also removed from diet.
  3. Fried foods like chips, nuggets, and puris should not be consumed.
  4. White foods like white rice, white pasta and also processed food like baked products, instant noodles or instant meat should not be consumed.


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