Beer or Breezer: Which Can be a Better Choice?

Medically Reviewed By DR. ANUPAM GHOSE, MBBS, Diabetes Care & Education Specialist December 11, 2023

Weekends, holidays, or festivals all call for a get-together, and you end up opening yourself and booze bottles for sure. But when you are dealing with diabetes, and you also love using a bottle opener, it is necessary to know which bottle will harm you less. In the long list of booze today, we’ll compare two popular classes of drinks, i.e. beer and breezer. Reading this blog, you have complete knowledge as to which one a diabetic should prefer and which they should avoid.

Drinks List

  1. Beer
  2. Breezer


Beer or Breezer: Which one should a diabetic go for?

Comparing the ingredients and processes of making both beer and breezer, we find both these alcoholic beverages have the same impact on diabetes. Breezer is made by blending a liquor base, usually white rum, gin, or vodka, with fruit juices. After blending, it is bottled with carbonated water.

On the contrary, beer is a fermented drink. It is prepared from wheat (barley) and mixed with different grains, hop flowers, yeast and water.

Comparing the alcoholic content of both, we find there isn’t much difference. A breezer has less than 5% alcohol, and a beer has an average of 5% alcohol.

A 350 ml can of beer has about 3.6 grams of carbs. In comparison, 350 ml of Breezer has 4.2 grams of carbs.

What do studies say?

Well, if you are wondering what exactly is the difference between both? Since both have similar alcoholic content, here is the answer.

Firstly, the content of both drinks is different. Secondly, the sugar content, carbs and calories these two beverages contain vary. Thirdly, reading the label, you will find the manufacturing process and nutrient content of them are also different. Also, various brands use slightly different components while making beer or breezer.

Calorie Count

Compared on the basis of calorie count, a breezer has more calories than beer. A 355 ml can or bottle of regular beer has around 153 calories. In comparison, a 350 ml serving of breezer will have about 210 calories.

Sugar Content

Breezer is an alcopop alcoholic drink and contains fruit syrups and fruit juices. Therefore, they will have higher sugar content compared to beer. A single breezer bottle has 9 half teaspoons of sugar, and technically, beer has no sugar source. This is because beer is made through fermentation, in which sugar gets converted into alcohol.

Type of Sugar

In this comparison, too, beer seems a better option for diabetes patients. Beer is prepared through the organic process of fermentation, which converts sugar into alcohol.

When we talk of a breezer, since it’s an alcopop, it has an alcoholic base in which sweet fruit juices are mixed. Therefore, it has both artificial as well as natural sugar of fruit.

Moreover, some breezer flavours contain more sugar than other flavours. So, we would advise that you thoroughly check the labels of the bottle.

Comparing on all scales, we find beer is a healthier choice than breezer for diabetes patients. However, this is only when you drink it occasionally and in measured amounts.

Beer has fewer carbs and no sugar compared to alcopop, like breezer. However, both contain alcohol and are highly addictive in nature, so make sure you don’t make them your habit.

Another thing you must remember is that drinking alcohol disrupts your liver’s ability to regulate blood sugar. Also, alcohol consumption increases the chances of hypoglycemia.

Moreover, beer and breezer both have a high glycemic profile, which means heavy drinking can cause an upsurge in sugar levels. Therefore, be very careful and take medical advice before drinking.

Nutritional Value of beer and Breezer

Nutritional Value of beer and Breezer

Nutritional Value Chart
Nutrients per 350 ml Beer Breezer
Calories 153 cal 210 cal
Alcohol 5% to 8% Under 5%
Carbs 3.6 g 4.2 g
Sugar 0 g 1/2 teaspoons
Protein 2 g 0 g
Fat 0 g 0 g


To end the discussion, we find beer a healthier choice for diabetics when choosing between beer and breezer. Breezer is marketed as a low-alcoholic drink that makes some diabetics prefer it over beer. But as you can see, the breezer has higher sugar, calorie, and carb content. Therefore, it should be avoided by diabetics. Beer has no artificial sugar and technically no sugar content.

In contrast, a breezer bottle has almost the same sugar as a can of cold drink. Some studies have also found moderate beer consumption helps control diabetes, cholesterol and strokes. However, this doesn’t give you a license to drink beer uncontrollably because moderation is vital in diabetes management.

FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Question)

Which has more sugar beer or Breezer?

Breezer has more sugar than beer. A bottle of breezer has about 9 half teaspoons of sugar, whereas beer technically has no sugar content.

Is beer OK for diabetics?

Yes, moderate and controlled consumption of beer is okay for diabetes patients. Beer has alcohol, which lowers your blood sugar. However, beer is high in calories, and a significant consumption can skyrocket your sugar levels. Therefore, moderation is the main thing to avoid harmful effects.

Is one beer a day good for people with diabetes?

Yes, as per the American diabetes association (ADA) guidelines, you can have a 12-ounce beer every day. This amount of beer will help you regulate sugar levels and improve insulin functioning.

Is beer very high in sugar?

No, beer has 0 grams of sugar. Beer is made by fermentation, which converts sugar into alcohol, making it sugar-free.

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