Author: Disha Goyal

Disha Goyal is a dedicated healthcare professional with expertise in writing patient-friendly healthcare or clinical content. Disha is an experienced professional in offering comprehensive support to various healthcare projects. Disha uses extensive knowledge gained along with practical experience to achieve organizational goals. Disha has got experience in writing, editing, proofreading and producing brand promotion and patient awareness content (emailers, visual aids, detailers for doctors, newsletters). Disha is also well-versed with offline annotations of scientific documents with proper referencing styles. Disha’s major areas of interest are in writing reports of descriptions about medicines of different therapeutic areas, editing presentations, training manuals, existing website content etc. Disha has also been a mentor to junior medical writers and guided them regarding how they can use their writing talent to their level best.


  • M.Pharma in Pharmacognosy at U.I.P.S., Panjab University, Chandigarh, 2013
  • B.Pharma at U.I.P.S., Panjab University, Chandigarh, 2011


  • August 2021 – Present, Content Writer at Breathe Well-being, Gurugram
  • December 2020 - August 2021, Freelance Medical Content Writer at Emediscene, New Delhi
  • July 2019 – September 2020, Freelance Medical Content Writer at TVB Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  • August 2018 – June 30, 2019, Full-Time Medical Content Executive at Delhi Nutraceuticals, Gurugram
  • Since May 2016, Worked for an International/UK's No.1 Dissertation Writing Services named Projectdeals as a Freelance Medical Writer
  • Jul 2016 - July 2018, Medical Content Head at Kunj Ayurveda, Spaze i-tech Park, Sohna Road, Gurugram
  • August 2015 – May 2016, Medical Content Writer at Zatak Softech Pvt Ltd., Gurugram
  • June 2014 – July 16, 2015, Medical Research Executive in Trial trove a product of Citeline at ADI Backoffice Professionals Pvt. Ltd., Mohali

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