Dr. Anupam Mahajan

With a mission to blend traditional wisdom with modern medical expertise, Dr. Anupam Mahajan is a beacon of holistic healthcare in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. As a Consultant Physician with over 14 years of dedicated service, Dr. Mahajan brings a wealth of experience and compassion to his practice.


Dr. Mahajan's journey in healthcare began at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, where he completed his Bachelor's in Medicine (MBBS). Throughout his career, he has served in various capacities, including roles as a Consultant Physician at Maa Saraswati Hospital and in private practice in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.


His expertise spans various domains, from diagnosing complex medical conditions to advocating for lifestyle modifications and incorporating traditional healing practices like Ayurveda and yoga.

Patient-Centred Care

Dr Mahajan embraces a patient-centred approach, focusing not only on treating ailments but also on promoting overall well-being. He guides patients on lifestyle modifications, including daily routines, exercise, food habits, and weight management, as essential components of maintaining good health.

Community Outreach

Passionate about education and community outreach, Dr. Mahajan seeks to empower individuals with knowledge about holistic health and disease prevention. He believes in leveraging technology to expand access to quality healthcare services, offering teleconsultation and video conferencing for patients seeking medical guidance. With a commitment to ethical healthcare practices and a vision for inclusive wellness, Dr. Anupam Mahajan continues to positively impact the lives of his patients and the community at large.

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