What is Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) ?

Enhanced Monitoring Frequency: CGMs provide continuous blood sugar readings every 10 to 15 minutes, offering a more detailed view compared to traditional glucose meters.

Tiny Sensor Technology: Utilizing tiny sensors inserted under the skin, CGMs collect real-time data painlessly.

Wireless Transmission: The collected data is wirelessly transmitted to a portable monitor through a small transmitter on the sensor.

Painless Sensor Placement: Sensors are painlessly inserted under the skin, often on the abdomen or the back of the arm, minimizing the risk of accidental dislodgment.

Comprehensive Diabetes Insight: CGM data allows doctors to understand diabetes patterns, facilitating personalized treatment adjustments for better patient management.

Prescription Requirement: Typically requiring a doctor's prescription, CGMs have become increasingly common in many countries.

Transformative Diabetes Care: Continuous Glucose Monitors revolutionize diabetes care by providing real-time insights, promoting proactive management, and enhancing overall patient well-being.